Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Good casino software is essential to your enjoyment

By mr-casino on 2019-04-03 15:35:31

When looking for an online casino to play at there are a number of things to consider and whilst everybody looks at what type of casino bonus is on offer just as important or possibly even more important is the type of casino software that is being used. After all, the casino bonus is usually a one off, although there are exceptions to this, but the casino software is going to determine which casino games are available and in the case of progressive jackpots how big they become. Casino software has become so advanced that no online casino even attempts to create their own preferring instead to use one of the specialist companies that have grown up with the demand. New casino software companies are coming onto the market all the time although it is not an easy business and many start with just a few casino games which are mainly in the area of casino slots. Generally there is nothing much wrong with these new casino software companies as long as the games are fair and the correct licenses have been obtained. Individual players cannot be expected to know whether these companies are genuine or not but online casinos can be expected to test them before including them on their sites. Of course it is sometimes also difficult for an individual player to know whether an online casino is genuine or not so the safest way is to choose an online casino from the list here at where the necessary checks have been made and where all listed online casinos are correctly licensed and operated.

Even in the list at there are online casinos that bear a great similarity to each other in terms of the games which are on offer and this is purely due to them using the same casino software. It is a fact that there are far more online casinos than there are casino software companies so it is inevitable that there will be some overlap. This is in no way detrimental to the Irish casino player and in some ways such as progressive jackpots it is a distinct advantage. To explain that further, the progressive jackpots are controlled by the casino software company that created the game and every spin of a progressive jackpot slot contributes a small amount to the jackpot. The more different online casinos that carry the slot the more spins there will be and therefore the faster the jackpot will build. This also explains why an online casino is very happy when a player hits one of these very large jackpots as they can use all of the publicity of a player hitting a jackpot but it costs the online casino nothing extra.  All is not, however, plain sailing for the online casinos as they no longer have a differentiating factor of the casino games available so they must search for something different to attract players and the most common is use of the casino bonus.

Many online casinos that are using basically the same casino software will offer new players a bonus to entice them to register but these bonuses need to be understood to avoid disappointment as they are not the cash that they might appear to be. The majority are deposit matching bonuses whereby the online casino will match your first ever deposit into the casino usually Euro for Euro which is a 100% match. This is sometimes extended to second or third despots but probably for a lower percentage match. The money in the bonus pot is separate from your own money and although it can be used to play any of the casino games it is not quite so simple to extract any winnings. The term and conditions will probably state that before any winnings can be withdrawn the bonus money must have been staked 40 times on certain casino games. These qualifying games will include casino slots and video slots but probably not roulette or blackjack. These conditions can make it quite difficult to actually make any gains on the bonus money but at least you will have had the enjoyment of playing for longer. The other drawback to this type of casino bonus is that it is a one off for new registrations only.

A very interesting alternative can be found at No Bonus Casino which is accessible directly from this site. At No Bonus Casino there are no bonuses for anyone but instead there is cash back for everyone and this really is cash. All you have to do is make a deposit into your account at the casino. If you are then unlucky enough to lose the whole deposit on the same day that it was made you will get 10% back the very next day. Unlike other types of casino bonus there are no restrictions on which casino games are eligible and more importantly there are no restrictions on the cash which is returned. It really is cash which is your to do with as you like which includes withdrawing it if that is your wish. Apart from this amazing offer which is available to every player on every deposit No Bonus Casino would be worth playing at anyway as it has a great range of casino software. This is one of the online casinos that has decided to use multiple casino software companies alongside each other thus providing one of the largest ranges of games available. This is particularly evident in the area of casino slots where there are literally hundreds.

Having a range like this also enables some simpler slots to be available. There are players who like to be able to follow what is going on at the casino slot they are playing and that can be quite difficult where the slot has complicated patterns of winning lines and an array of different symbols. Casino software such as Amanet, however, has a range of slots which use a limited number of symbols and even a few that have only three reels making them much easier to follow.