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Good luck and bad luck come in equal measures at an online casino

By mr-casino on 2017-08-11 11:09:53

For some reason when people speak of the luck of the Irish it always seems to refer to good luck rather than bad luck which is probably not the reason that so many Irish people love gambling. Good luck and bad luck usually come in equal measure and that is certainly true at online casinos especially at those casino games where the outcome is pure luck such as Roulette or any of the casino slots. These games and many others at your online casino are controlled by what is known as a random number generator which is nothing more than a piece of electronic equipment which produces numbers randomly. Possibly the best known one is ERNIE which has been used to determine winners in the UK Premium Bonds draw for the last 60 odd years. You may also have a card reader from your bank which you use to access your account and this also produces random numbers which you need to enter. A good online casino such as any of those listed on this site will have the randomness of the RNG checked by an independent body on a regular basis. This is as much to protect the players as the casinos themselves. In truth all games at an online casino are run by an RNG but there are casino games such as Blackjack where you can improve your chances with a bit of smarter play.

In Blackjack you are playing against the dealer and although many Irish casino players describe the game as getting as close as possible to 21 without going over 21 or busting, thinks a better description is simply to have a better hand than the dealer. In theory of course there is as much chance of the player having a better hand than the dealer as there is the other way around so there is nothing to be gained there. However when it comes to going bust there is a difference. The dealer at your online casino has strict playing rules that state that they will draw cards up to 17 and stand on anything above that. If you follow that play yourself you will bust on a number of occasions but then so will the dealer if allowed to do so. Casinos always have an edge which is why they make money in the long run but the only edge in Blackjack is that you are playing first and if you bust you lose and the dealer wins despite the fact that the dealer might also have busted given the chance. To use this to your advantage you need to watch for the card that the dealer is showing and estimate the likelihood of the dealer busting. This is especially useful if your hand is say 15 or 16 where the chances of you busting are high. The dealer cannot stand on anything less than 17 but you can and if you are still in the game when the dealer busts then you win regardless of what you have in your hand. There is still an enormous slice of luck involved but this is worth considering.

The largest number of people playing at casinos online still play games of pure chance with the huge variety of casino slots being the most popular but there are different types of casino slots players. Firstly there are those who are chasing the huge jackpots which are regularly in the millions of Euro. To win one of those jackpots you will need to be playing for the maximum amount per spin that the game allows. You do not have to be playing for the maximum number of lines at the same time but most folk do as it increases your chances. Chasing big jackpots can be an expensive business but then the rewards are very high so this is a high risk high reward game. Some players play at casino slots that have a jackpot but only of a few thousand Euro which is more than enough for most. The stakes at these slots can vary according to the individual player but again most play the maximum number of winning lines and adjust the stakes per line accordingly. The third category of slots player is basically playing for fun and chooses a slot which has great entertainment value. The stakes can be minimal but there is still the chance to earn cash when a good winning line comes up. Al casinos have several of this kind of slot but likes the look of a couple from the casino software supplier NetEnt and they can be found at one of the favourite online casinos of Irish casino players and that is All Irish Casino.

The slots in question are Jack Hammer™ which has a twin sister called Jack Hammer 2™ and Gonzo’s Quest™. Although these two casino slots games are completely different they have one thing in common and that is that all fifteen symbols visible on the screen are independent of each other. A more normal 5 reel slot has all symbols on one of the 5 reels so it is not possible to change one without changing the whole reel. This feature enables Jack Hammer™ for example to offer what they call Sticky Wins™ and it is this that really makes the casino slot interesting. Any winning combination of symbols does not immediately pay out but instead all those winning symbols are held and all others are spun again to see if the win can be improved by more of the same symbols turning up. If this happens then the process is repeated and repeated until the win is not improved whereupon the best win is paid out. This happens automatically without any need for further betting. There are also the usual wilds and free spins symbols to help along and the free spins mode is particularly interesting as in that mode all wins are tripled which can be very lucrative. There are of course other casinos which run this casino software and where the same games can be found.