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Help is available for problem casino players

By mr-casino on 2015-08-18 13:45:57

Online casinos provide great entertainment for many people but the important thing is to keep it under control and not to chase losses. Every online casino tries to assess whether a player has a problem or not but actually that is practically impossible as a €100 loss in a week to one person might mean a serious reduction in living standards for that week but a €2000 loss in a day might mean nothing to somebody who is worth a fortune and the online casino has no means of knowing the personal situation of the player so it really is up to the casino players themselves. One method of doing that is to use the facility that most online casinos have of restricting how much money you can deposit in a given time frame and it is the player that sets the limits when they first register for an online casino account. Many Irish casino players use this facility to make sure that the online casino remains a source of entertainment and if you want to increase that level for any reason you can of course do it but there is always a qualifying time limit of up to one week before that change can become active. This is of course to prevent casino players making rash decisions in the heat of the moment. All in all online casinos do their best to control problem gambling but there are limits on what they can achieve. If you think you or someone else close to you has a problem there is help available at sites such as GamCare and most online casinos have a link to such help at the bottom of the home page but for most Irish online casino players it is entertainment pure and simple where wins are great and losses can be tolerated.