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Huge online casino jackpot in casino news

By mr-casino on 2015-10-31 11:38:48

People really do win the huge jackpots which you can find at online casinos but often the winners prefer to keep their identity a secret but now in the Irish casino news we can find a winner who is open about it and he comes from Crewe in Cheshire England. Playing for 25 pence per line on the jackpot casino slot Mega Moolah Jon Heywood scooped no less than nearly €18 million. Jon who is a British soldier who has toured Afghanistan has had a tough year with his Grandfather dying and his father awaiting heart and lung transplants and has promised to spend some of the money on the best possible treatment for him. It should be possible to do a bit of queue jumping with that amount of money. It is not clear how much time Jon spends at his online casino or whether he always plays the same casino games but it does prove once more that people do win and it might be your turn next. Further plans include a Mediterranean cruise for relatives so he will probably find one that has casino jackpot games and a luxury car for himself. His choice of car is unsurprising as he lives in Crewe and it is a Bentley Continental GT in yellow. In case you had not realised Bentley has their only factory in Crewe so there is a good chance that some of his neighbours work there. It is believed that this might be the largest payout ever from an online casino slot and wishes Jon all the best with his massive win. Mega Moolah is a Microgaming casino software slot available at several online casinos but online casinos have different casino software but they all have jackpot slots and they can all drop at any time so the best of luck.