Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An internet casino is the same as an online casino and there is a choice

By mr-casino on 2017-07-22 13:04:49

Although online shopping is often referred to as internet shopping an online casino is virtually never referred to as an internet casino for which has no explanation. An internet casino and an online casino are one and the same thing and luckily for Irish casino players there is plenty of choice or possibly too much choice with, it seems, more being added on a regular basis. This site is a dedicated online casino portal which specialises in recommending online casinos to the Irish public and at the same time enables click through access to the best of them. If you search internet casino or online casino on Google the top of the page will be taken by sites which have Ad in a box. These sites are not at the top due to their popularity or because they are the best sites to give advice; they are at the top because they pay Google money to be there. Invariably also they might list what in their opinion are the top online casinos but you might also never have heard of them. For example which recommendation site could list a top ten without the likes of Paddy Power Casino or Ladbrokes casino being mentioned? Here at the list of recommendations is well researched and the Irish casino player needs to have a choice so there are the large online casinos such as Paddy Power Casino and there are sites which specialise in being an online casino rather than include sports or other forms of online gambling such as and then to complete the line up there are smaller online casinos that have something a bit different to offer such as or In this way the Irish casino player can make their choice.

The important thing about an online casino is that it is correctly registered and licensed in a jurisdiction which is well known and accepted in the industry. has made sure of this but such jurisdictions include Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and certain Channel Islands. Beware online casinos that claim to have a license issued in some South American or Asian country as that might not be the safest place to risk your cash. If you happen to be one of UK readers then the online casino will also need a UK license issued by the Gambling Commission. You can take the hassle out of researching this simply by selecting one of those online casinos listed on this site. A secondary consideration is that the online casino uses appropriate casino software from a reputable supplier. This might be more difficult to establish but makes it easy for you which is in part why they are top of our list. All casino games are able to played in free play mode even without registering an account and by clicking on a casino slot for example the casino software supplier for that slot will be shown as the game opens. In this case the very large majority of casino slots are provided by NetEnt or Quickfire which is basically Microgaming both of which can be considered to be amongst the top three suppliers of casino software.

We hasten to add that not all online casinos need to use software from one of the top three as there are some excellent casino software suppliers such as NYX or Thunderkick that have some very good games but are simply smaller than others. If you choose from the list at there are no worries on this score. does not pay Google to be placed at the top of the page and importantly does not operate any kind of online casino or any other form of online gambling which leaves it totally free to give independent advice based on its own opinion. Of course large online casinos such as Paddy Power Casino and Ladbrokes Casino are perfectly good places to play casino games but often smaller casinos can provide a more personal touch and there are a couple of niche online casinos on the list which offer something a bit different.

No Bonus Casino for example was borne out of the idea that massive bonuses offered by online casinos for registering a new account can be quite difficult to actually turn into real cash due to the constraints placed on such bonuses. Bonus money is always placed into a bonus account which is separate from your playing account which is where your own money is. That money cannot be accessed except to play casino games until certain requirements have been met which is generally staking the bonus amount many times on certain casino games plus the offer is only available to new players. No Bonus casino on the other hand takes an alternative route and instead of a joining bonus offers money back if you lose. It is actually quite simple and states that if you make a deposit into your casino account toady and lose it all today then 10% of your losses will be refunded into your account the very next day. The good thing about this is that the refunded money goes into your playing account and not into any form of bonus account which means that you can access it and do what you like with it including withdrawing it if you are so inclined. The next excellent feature about this offer is that it is not restricted to new players but s available to all players on every deposit they make into their online casino account. This may not suit all Irish casino players but will certainly appeal to some.

Freespins Casino is different again and offers free spins on a selection of casino slots instead of a bonus. The exact number of free spins varies according to the size of your deposit and the casino slot chosen but can be quite considerable. As you are virtually guaranteed to have winnings from the free spins there are staking requirements before those winnings can be withdrawn but as you were playing for free this is still a no loss situation and once again the offer is available to all players on every deposit.