Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An internet casino and an online casino are the same thing

By mr-casino on 2018-01-30 15:43:25

There is no difference between an internet casino and an online casino and indeed under the heading of internet casino at you will find descriptions of the online casinos that are recommended. Some folk still refer to online casinos as internet casinos and indeed without the internet they would not be able to exist but they are not quite the same as internet shopping. When internet shopping many people will simply type in a search for a particular shop, if you start a search for something vague like saucepans you will have a whole list but top of the page will always be those companies that have paid to be there and they will have Ad in a box alongside the web address. This does not make them the best supplier and the same goes for online casinos. Should you want to find a good online casino then you have landed at a good place as specialises in the Irish Casino market and makes recommendations. The final choice of an online casino is very much a question of individual preference and realises this is the case and although there is a list which is in the order of preference of it is very possible that you have different opinions. The important thing however is that the online casinos listed are all known to be correctly run and honest online casinos. As with anything connected to the internet there will always be people out there who try to make a quick buck and a dishonest online casino is certainly an attractive option. Fortunately there are ways of differentiating between legal casinos and illegal casinos and one of those is by checking the licensing.

Online casinos in Europe have to have a license and operate under the jurisdiction of a recognised authority which is effectively any one of the European countries. A license issued in one country allows that online casino to operate in any other European country, at least in theory. Some countries such as The Netherlands are however fiercely protective of what is effectively a state monopoly and they try hard to stop any online casino activity that they do not control despite the EU ruling. The UK also says online casinos must be registered in the UK although they do accept that licensing from another European country is acceptable. This is however less to do with ensuring correct operation of the online casinos and more to do with wanting a share of the profits from UK players. Ireland has no such regulations and happily accepts online casinos that are licensed in Europe. The most popular destinations for online casino licensing are generally low tax areas such as Gibraltar or Malta and to be fair those places have become centres for online gambling and they do a good job. Any online casino licensed in one of those two countries will be well controlled. Needless to say any of the online casinos listed at are correctly licensed for operation in Ireland. Beware an online casino that claims to be licensed in places such as South America or Africa.

Having made sure that your choice of online casino is honest and correctly licensed the next thing to look for is the casino software which is used to operate the games. Good online casino software is essential for a good online casino but unfortunately there are no separate licensing requirements for casino software companies so it is up to the online casino to choose carefully. There are small and large casino software companies and in this case large does always mean better. There are some great small casino software companies out there such as NYX or Thunderkick that produce some great casino slots and they are only small because their range of casino games is limited. has listed some online casinos for Irish casino players that use this software such as Casinoland so by all means give them a try. The better known casino software companies are the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech and they are used by a number of different online casinos. This use of the same casino software by different online casinos results in the same casino games being available at different online casinos which is not a problem at all as you might like a particular casino slot for example but not the way the online casino is operated. The simple answer is try to find the slot at another online casino.

Different online casinos do operate in different ways and probably more so in the area of bonuses that new players can receive. Online casinos rely on new players to replace players that for whatever reason stop playing and they invariable have special promotions to attract them which is a bit galling for existing players who get nothing but there are exceptions to the rule. The most common form of bonus for new online casino players is the deposit matching bonus. Under this system the online casino will match your first ever deposit into your casino account and sometime even your second and third deposits to a reduced extent. The first deposit match will always be 100% which means that if you deposit €100 the online casino will also give you €100 to play with but be careful because the bonus money is not truly yours until certain conditions have been met. Sue enough it can be used to play casino games but it cannot be withdrawn from your casino account until the conditions have been met. These conditions are that the money must be staked a number of times on certain casino games such as casino slots. Low risk games such as Roulette or Blackjack will probably not count towards this staking requirement or if they do then only for 10% or so. The bonus money at the online casino is of course free money and enables you to play for longer than would otherwise be the case but it is important to recognise that it might be difficult to actually get your hands on any of it.