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Introduction to online casino caribbean stud

By mr-casino on 2016-01-23 14:12:18

Playing online Texas Hold’em poker at your online casino is not for everybody as it tends to favour the players who least care about losing and the better players in general but if you are a beginner at poker there is a more gentle introduction to the game called Caribbean stud poker. Caribbean stud is available at all online casinos and it is a game played against the house with the player setting the stakes and it involves no bluffing or changing of cards but it does involve a poker hand of five cards. When setting your stake at online Caribbean stud remember that in order for your hand to be in play you must place a bet equal to twice the ante so set your ante bet at one third of what you want to play for per hand. Online casino Caribbean stud is simple enough and after the ante bet is placed one hand of five cards is dealt to the player and one to the dealer but only one of the dealer’s cards is face up. The online casino player then has to decide whether to play or not and if so place the second bet as described. If you decide to fold the hand immediately then your ante bet is lost. If you decide to play the remaining dealer cards are revealed and the best hand wins. There are a couple of important rules however when play Caribbean stud at an online casino. Firstly for the dealer hand to be in play it must qualify which means that it must be an Ace/King or better. If not then your ante bet is paid at even money and your additional bet is returned. This applies even if your own hand is less than the dealer’s. Better hands pay out at better odds in online Caribbean stud but not all online casinos have the same odds so it is worth checking out before you play. Free casino is a good way to do that.