Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Ireland is a good place to be for online casino play

By mr-casino on 2018-10-25 09:38:02

Whether you prefer playing live casino or regular online casino Ireland is a pretty friendly place to do it with little or no excessive regulation and of course all winnings are tax free. Online casinos in Ireland have only to have a license issued by any European Country but in fact most of the online casinos prefer to use one of a small number of Countries which have developed into online gaming specialists. These are such countries as Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney or the Isle of Man although there are others. Malta and Gibraltar in particular are really dependent on online gaming or i-gaming, as they call it, with a large proportion of employees engaged in it one way or another. These countries can only hold their place by being very good at what they do and thereby not issuing licenses to non conforming companies or sites which is why lists several online casinos that hold licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. Many of these online casinos also hold licenses issued by the UK Gambling Commission which is required to operate with UK customers but interestingly enough this has little to do with more stringent regulation but rather a way for the UK Government to extract more tax money from the industry.

Most online operations of gambling companies are based in low tax areas whether that is an online casino or a sports gambling operation which means that the UK receives no tax on profits. The same applies to Ireland but the Irish Government has so far not taken any action. The UK on the other hand has decided that they are missing out and have therefore demanded that online casinos with UK based customers must pay tax of their profits from those customers. Apart from being a real nuisance for those companies to break out their UK customers, they also end up with fewer profits. For the Irish casino player this makes no difference at all and of course players in neither of those countries pay tax on winnings. Even the online activities of our own Paddy Power are based overseas rather than in Ireland. The Irish casino scene is, of course, completely online as there are no real casinos. There are a few members clubs where certain casino games can be played but a true casino along the lines of those found in major cities around the world does not exist. This is possibly one of the reasons why online casinos are so popular which is also not a bad thing as it also provides Irish casino players with a lot more choice than many other countries. lists 10 such online casinos which are considered to be the better ones although it would be possible to add several more.

The majority of these are online casino specialists rather than being online gambling companies that offer a full range of sports gambling, online bingo and online lotteries as well as an online casino. This specialisation can mean that the casino is friendlier as there are fewer customers but there are certainly not fewer casino games. In fact several of the online casinos such as All Irish Casino have more casino games than larger organisations which they can easily achieve by using multiple casino software providers, who provide the games, on one site. Many years ago online casinos wrote their own software which was an expensive and time consuming operation but it was not long before specialist casino software companies were established who then supplied any online casino that wanted the software so the more different companies are involved in an online casino the more casino games there are likely y to be. This is particularly true in the area of casino slots where it seems there are endless possibilities to develop new games whereas roulette remains roulette and blackjack remains blackjack. If you look around at various different online casinos you may also have noticed that many of the casino slots are the same which is simply a function of those online casinos employing the same casino software. When it comes to progressive jackpot slots this is actually an advantage as all online casinos using the slot in question contribute to the jackpot which therefore grows much faster than it would otherwise do if only a single online casino was involved.

Another advantage that smaller online casinos can have is that they can be more imaginative and quicker acting. As an example take a look at No Bonus Casino. This online casino recognised that the bonus system was often biased towards new players often with total disregard for existing players. In addition the promised casino bonuses could be quite difficult to turn into actual cash due to the terms and conditions placed on them such as 40 times play through. Recognising this was one thing but providing something different was more of a challenge. No Bonus Casino, however, came up with a brilliant alternative which is giving cash back if you lose. This may seem too good to be true but that is exactly what happens. The principle is that if you make a deposit into your online casino account today and manage to lose it all on the same day then 10% will be refunded the very next day. You can be playing any of the casino games on the site and the offer is applicable to every deposit by every player no matter how long you have been register with the casino so it is not a new player only promotion. What is even better is that there are no restrictions placed on the cash back, it really is cash. The cash back is placed directly into your playing account which means it is yours to do with as you wish which can even mean withdrawing it if that is your wish.

Take a look also at Freespins Casino which has another alternative to the traditional casino bonus in the form of a free spins entitlement on every deposit which is once again available to all players.