Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Ireland is not endowed with casinos but has a choice for an online casino

By mr-casino on 2018-04-16 15:49:27

Ireland has many online casinos available to players which is just as well as when it comes to a real land based casino Ireland has nothing. This is a situation for which a remedy has been tried in the past but without success despite the fact that it may have provided a number of jobs both during the construction phase and running the casino and associated hotel and other entertainment venues. It seems the biggest objection was the unsavoury characters which such a casino might attract to say nothing of trying to control things like money laundering. Money laundering is something which online casinos are always on the watch for and one of the most widespread online casinos is run by Paddy Power Casino so they should be able to give some tips. is not political so there will be no comment in favour or against the decision but instead will concentrate on informing Irish casino players of the latest developments in the online casino world. Given the opportunity most Irish people like a little gamble on casino games such as roulette or blackjack which are simple games and easy to learn and play although roulette is easier than blackjack. Roulette is the classic casino game which is available at all online casinos and is popular because there is absolutely no skill involved and there are no good bets and bad bets as winnings are always proportional to the number of numbers backed. Blackjack on the other hand does require a little thought to increase your chances.

The casino always has an edge in any casino game but in Blackjack a tie results in a push so you get your money back. This means that the players and the bank have an equal chance of having a winning hand. The edge for the casino lies in the fact that the player plays first. At any online casino the blackjack dealer must follow the strategy of drawing cards to anything under 17 and standing on 17 or over. If you adopt the same strategy you will notice that in a good percentage of hands you will exceed 21 and bust. The dealer will have the same rate of busting but when the player busts they lose regardless of what happens or might have happened to the dealer and this is the only edge that the house has. With this knowledge you can increase your chances of winning by still being in the hand when the dealer busts and remember that you do not need to have 17 or over in your hand to win when that happens, any number will do. This sounds easy but of course it is not as the only clue that the online casino provides is a single card that is showing in the dealers’ hand. If it were simple then everybody would win and the online casinos would soon be out of business. There is actually a blackjack game called double exposure blackjack, available at Freespins Casino for example, where both the dealers’ cards are shown but in this case a tie will result in a dealer win instead of a push so in effect the casino margin shifts. A five or six showing in the dealers hand is recognised as weak due to the fact that the dealer must draw at least 2 cards and therefore there is a good chance that the hand will exceed 21.

Freespins Casino as mentioned above is an interesting online casino as it departs from the norm of offering a casino bonus to new players only and instead has the same offer for all players regardless of how long you have been playing. The offer is a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots on every deposit. You can choose regular, super or monster spins and a select from a number of casino slots to play the free spins so because of different values per spin the exact number of free spins is variable but once you are making your choices it becomes clear. The winnings from the free spins (there will almost certainly be some) are placed into a bonus account rather than your regular cash account which is reasonable enough as it would otherwise be too tempting simply to withdraw the winnings. Before this money can be transferred into your cash account the total amount must be wagered 50 times which is a little but higher than a normal casino bonus wagering requirement but remember that this is not your money; it is winnings from free spins. Even if nothing comes from it you will have had a lot of fun playing free casino. Apart from this casino bonus offer the online casino is a great casino having an excellent range of casino games provided by a number of casino software suppliers including NetEnt and Amatic Industries and it is correctly licensed by both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gaming Commission. Deposit options are numerous and include all the usual credit and debit cards along with a selection of e-wallets.

If this type of casino bonus is preferred to the one off joining bonus there is yet another alternative at the aptly named No Bonus casino. This online casino also believes in rewarding all players and not just new players but in this case instead of awarding free spins the casino will give you cash back if you lose. This might sound remarkable but it is true. If you make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day and somehow manage to lose the whole deposit by playing any of the casino games on site on the same day then the very next day you will get a refund of 10%. The amazing thing about this offer is that the refunded cash is placed directly into your playing account rather than any special bonus account which means it is immediately your money to do with what you want which can even include taking it out.