Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Live casino is an online casino option simulating an actual casino

By mr-casino on 2017-12-21 16:29:27

Online casinos are great fun but every now and then you might want to try something else which resembles more closely an actual casino and for that virtually every online casino has what they call a live casino option. Live casino is closer to an actual casino than the regular online casino play but nothing can quite replicate the fun and noise of an actual casino. The advantage that live casino has over the regular online casino is that it uses real live dealers with whom you can communicate but apart from that there is not that much difference as the casino games that are available at the live casino are also available at all online casinos. The same however is not true in reverse as casino games at the live casino option are limited to those which actually need a dealer. This means that games such as roulette or blackjack are there along with most other card games such as Baccarat and even Caribbean Stud but casino slots for example are not there at all and nor is Craps which requires a player to throw the dice in an actual casino. There is however another reason why some Irish casino players prefer the live casino option and that is to do with the random number generators which are used in regular online casino play. All online casinos use RNGs to determine the next card to be dealt or the next number on the roulette wheel and good online casinos such as any of those listed on the site have then checked on a regular basis to ensure that they producing results which are truly random. It is however very easy to forget that the casino has a house edge in any casino game and blame the RNG when losing.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, there are never complaints when the player is winning. Roulette in particular can compound this lack of trust as when an RNG selects a number the ball needs to find its way into the correct slot on the wheel. Although improving all the time with better casino software the roulette ball can sometimes take an unusual path and some funny bounces in order to reach the correct destination. When this is the wrong number it can seem like the RNG is somehow rigged not to arrive in a backed number. In the live casino option the ball is spun in an actual roulette wheel so this does not happen although anyone who has played roulette in an actual casino knows full well that that ball can also take some unusual bounces. All of this mistrust can be avoided by playing live casino with live dealers but your chances of winning are not actually improved. These live casinos are not casinos at all as we know it but are simply rooms somewhere which have been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette wheels and of course cameras to transmit the pictures live to your device. They are often located in Eastern European countries although there are two or three online casinos such as All Irish Casino, No Bonus casino and Freespins Casino which use an actual casino building in Malta for their live casino option. Even then it is not of course the actual casino floor where other people are playing but is still a specially equipped room. Transmitting live pictures around the globe from a real casino floor would never be permitted.

Many of the live casino options have several tables for any one game and they often have different table limits but in some of them you can choose your favourite dealer if they happen to be on duty but as in regular casinos dealers also take breaks and are substituted. Stakes at live casino are generally slightly higher than at regular online casinos and they can be very large indeed for the really high rollers. You play live casino using your regular account and fund it in the normal way although there can be special bonuses for first time users of the live casino option even though you may have been playing at the online casino before. The usual quite severe play through requirements will however still apply. As all live casino options are pretty much the same it is difficult to say that one is far better than another but does like the three listed online casinos which use an actual casino premises in Malta. The casino games might be no different except that Baccarat is called Punto Banco but the fact that the actual casino is just through the wall means that the live casino will be professionally staffed and run and that proceedings are probably monitored by cameras in the same way as the rest of the casino. If you have never noticed there are cameras above every table in a casino which is relaying pictures to a control room so that everything is being monitored. There are certain hand movements which dealers make for the benefit of these cameras such as sweep of the hands above the roulette table after calling no more bets. This tells the control room what is happening and they can look out for anybody trying to sneak an extra bet on. This also ensures that the dealers are not in any way tempted to cheat on behalf of any player. Any untoward happenings will be relayed to a pit boss immediately who will take the necessary action. Playing casino games at the live casino version of online casinos and is worth a try if you are looking for a change. has not tried the live options of all the listed online casinos but as they all seem to be pretty similar it is probably not worth registering with an online casino just for the live casino but it is always worth looking at different online casinos to see what they offer.