Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Ireland probably has the largest choice when it comes to an online casino

By mr-casino on 2016-09-17 08:38:48

The world of online gambling is comparatively new with many countries around the world still struggling to get to grips with the concept but when it concerns the online casino Ireland is one of the easiest places to play. In America for example they have effectively banned online casinos on a national scale by stopping banking transactions. Several individual States are now passing their own laws which allow online casinos but only for residents of that state and there is the ongoing discussion about whether poker is game of chance or a game of skill. It is even more surprising that this discussion is taking place in a country where there are some of the biggest casino cities in the world such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City and where many Indian reservations operate casinos. In the Netherlands they are still grappling with the idea that online casinos should not be a state monopoly despite European legislation stating that it should not be. The Irish casino industry is however flourishing with large bookmakers such as Paddy Power starting up an online casino very early in the game with others following suit very soon afterwards. The result is that the choice of online casinos for Irish casino players is very comprehensive indeed which in turn has led to the creation of sites such as whose mission is to help prospective online casino players choose a safe and good online casino. Recommendations can only be made in the form of a shortlist as the ultimate decision on which online casino to play at can only be made by the individual based on their own personal preferences. There is clearly no such thing as the best casino for everybody.

Ladbrokes Casino and Paddy Power Casino are clearly very good online casinos and might be the logical choice for many Irish casino players but by simply going that way without further investigation you may be missing out as there are plenty of good alternatives. All Irish Casino for example has been established as a casino Ireland players will love. The language used is simple and straightforward, the approach is very friendly although you can keep communication at arms length if you so wish and the casino games are second to none due to the use of one of the top casino software suppliers NetEnt. NetEnt has some great casino slots in the line up including a couple of the favourites of which are Gonzo’s Quest™ and Jack Hammer™. Both os these casino slots are very different from each other but they both offer something different from the run of the mill casino slots. Gonzo’s Quest™ has for example exploding blocks with Aztec inspired engraving instead of regular symbols and winning blocks having exploded are replaced by new ones which if resulting in a further win has a win multiplier applied which after successive wins can run up to 5 times. Jack Hammer™ has a different feature which they call sticky wins® whereby winning symbols are held and all others are spun again which can result in a bigger win. The process is repeated and repeated until no increase in win is achieved whereupon the largest win is paid out. It is surprising how often this feature results in an increased win. There are also free spins and wilds in both of those casino slots.

Irish casino players probably have access to one of the greatest choices of online casinos from anywhere in the world but this can of course bring dangers so encourages prospective casino players to stick to known companies such as those in the recommended list at who have been vetted for correct licensing and operation. There are some Irish casino players who have expressed disappointment at advertised casino bonuses which seem to offer something for nothing but clearly nothing is that simple. Most of these casino bonuses that people complain about are what are known as deposit matching bonuses where the casino promises to 100% match the first deposit you make into the online casino. This is done but the bonus money is not placed in your regular playing account but rather into a separate bonus account. This means that it is available to play casino games with but you cannot get your hands on it until some often rather severe conditions have been met. These conditions usually involve staking the money a number of times on certain casino games thereby giving the casino a chance to win the money back before it can ever be paid out. The disappointment comes from not realising that this is the case. You can still get a lot of enjoyment and entertainment from all the extra plays that you have.

Not all online casinos available to Irish casino players run a system such as this so there are alternatives which in some cases might be considered better. Freespins Casino for example runs a system whereby a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots are awarded on every deposit made. Note that this is on every deposit made so not restricted to new casino players or first deposits. The number of free spins will depend on the size of the deposit and the casino slot chosen but can be quite a large number. Any winnings made during the free spins play must be replayed a number of times before it can be withdrawn but this can add a lot of play time and as already said the offer is available on every deposit made into the online casino. Another option is available at the cunningly named No Bonus casino where there are indeed no bonuses. Instead however this online casino gives money back if you make a deposit and lose it all in the same day. The cash back amount is 10% of your losses and it appears in your account the very next day and there are no staking requirements; you can simply take the money out if you wish. Once again this is not an offer for new players or first deposits, it is available for every player on every deposit made.