Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Online casinos are a good substitute for an Irish land casino

By mr-casino on 2016-08-24 10:01:49

Ireland has never really had what can be called casinos and the card clubs have been the substitute for what should have been Irish land casinos although with the coming of online casinos the need for Irish land casinos has virtually disappeared. Why, after all, would anybody choose to travel tens or even hundreds of miles to visit a casino when all your online gambling can be done from the comfort of your own home at an online casino? People travel to Las Vegas in the USA for gambling but they are also there for the entertainment and all the glitzy hotels and shows with some of the most famous stars in the world. In many cases the gambling takes a very minor role and sometimes even no role at all but remember that online casinos are still illegal in the USA so if you like casino gambling then there is not much choice. This arrangement does seem to be slowly changing as more and more individual states are recognising the income that they could generate from online casinos. In Ireland online casinos and all other forms of gambling are still governed by the Lotteries and Gaming Act of 1956 which is long before online casinos were even thought about. This legislation is of course way out of date but it does allow the Irish public complete freedom for their onine casino activity.

There has been and still is quite a bit of consolidation taking place in the online casino industry recently with large players such as Paddy Power joining forces with BetFair and Ladbrokes and Gala Coral getting together although that still has to be finalised and will involve disposing of a large number of betting shops to satisfy the Competition Authority. This in turn might result in some of those shops in Ireland being snapped up by some of the smaller players who are looking for more betting shops. This in itself will not directly affect the online casinos of the two organisations. There are further rumours of the Rank organisation which runs many land based casinos under the Grosvenor brand in the UK tying up with online casino giant 888. There could even be a joint bid for William Hill which would even further consolidate the industry. 888 Holdings was itself involved in a bid for last year only to be beaten to the punch by the rival GVC and itself is of course a fairly recently established company formed by Party Gaming and Bwin. If you are confused by now it is not surprising but each episode tells us that the industry is getting larger but in the hands of fewer and fewer players which cannot be all good for the consumer.

Fortunately there are a number of online casinos which are not in the hands of the large conglomerates and some of them are very god indeed ad in fact some opinions would say they are better. Take for example All Irish Casino which is a pure online casino having no other online gambling interests. This online casino has been around for a few years now and is gaining new customers all the time due to its innovative and friendly approach. The language used is very simple telling it how it is to avoid misunderstanding and it has a great line up of casino games which are provided by the well respected casino software provider NetEnt. All Irish Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority which is also one of the best known authorities for online gambling. Because it is relatively small the online casino is able to treat each customer more as an individual rather than a number but more importantly they are able to process payments and winnings very quickly. Being small and agile also helps them change their promotions regularly to keep their casino players interested.

There are others in this category of online casinos which also come into the category of smaller but better and a couple of them are a bit unique in the way that they treat casino bonuses. Casino bonuses have always been a bone of contention with many as they are invariably targeted at new players only so once you have registered an account and received your bonus that is it for the rest of your life with that online casino. It is also well known that although the casino bonus does enable you to play for longer, the chances of ever being able to withdraw the bonus money is quite slim. One alternative available to Irish casino players is provided by the aptly named No Bonus Casino. As you may have already guessed this online casino does not provide casino bonuses to anybody but instead gives you money back if you lose. It is a very simple system that says if you make a deposit into your online casino account and play and lose it in a single day then 10% of your losses will be refunded the very next day. There are some very minor requirements but one of the good things about this offer is that it is available to every player on every deposit they make into the online casino no matter how long you have been a player. In addition there are no restrictions on what you can do with the refunded money. There is no need to play again if you do not wish to do so, you can simply request a withdrawal and you get it back as cash.

There are other online casinos such as Freespins Casino which do not offer one off bonuses. This particular online casino gives away free spins on a variety of casino slots for every deposit made into your online casino account. The exact number of free spins depends on the size of the deposit and the casino slot chosen but they can be very valuable. There are some restrictions on what must happen to winnings generated from free spins but once again the promotion is available to all players on every deposit made.