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Irish casino specialist can help you choose an online casino

By mr-casino on 2017-03-28 10:39:07

When it comes to choosing an online casino Ireland probably has one of widest selections in Europe. This is partly due to the fact that Ireland has virtually no legislation which other countries sometimes do plus as most online casinos use the English language nothing needs to be translated. Even the UK which is fairly liberal in its approach to online casinos insists that they obtain a license from the UK even if the online casino is already licensed in another European country such as Gibraltar or Malta. Some countries go even further by banning online casinos outright and China and America are included in that category but probably the most interesting is the Netherlands where they are fairly well known for a liberalised attitude to things. The Netherlands does not exactly ban online casinos but insists that they are government run thereby keeping the profits. Any online casino that opens up in Holland is likely to be pursued and closed down which gives the state owned casinos a monopoly. If you are ever in that country and try to log onto your Irish casino account no matter who that might be with, there is a good chance you will not be able to. Fortunately however Irish casino players in their own country have no such problems so there is plenty of choice and can help you with that choice. tries to monitor what is going on in the online casino world and bring recommendations to the Irish public. One of the most attractive things about is that it does not run an online casino or any other form of online gambling itself so the advice or suggestions are likely to be unbiased. The prime requirement for an online casino to be recommended to the Irish casino players is that it is correctly licensed and operated under a jurisdiction which is well known.  If that criteria is not fulfilled then that online casino will not appear on the recommended list no matter how good the casino appears to be. There are a number of jurisdictions which are acceptable and they include Malta and Gibraltar along with other centres of online gambling such as The Isle of Man or a couple of the Channel Islands. If an online casinos claims to be licensed in places such as South America or some of the Baltic States beware because although a license may have been issued it does not guarantee anything in terms of how the casino is operated. After this basic requirement tries to sort them by what they offer to the Irish casino public in terms of casino games which is a function of the casino software used and the general approach to handling its customers.

At the end of the day the final choice is down to personal preference. There are Irish casino players who will never stray beyond a well known name such as Paddy Power Casino or Ladbrokes Casino and there is nothing wrong with those online casinos at all but they are large companies to whom everybody is just a number and they do not always have the best in terms of entertainment. If you like a more friendly approach then one of the smaller online casinos might be the answer for you. One of the favourites of is All Irish Casino which is licensed in Malta and has a great range of casino games for Irish casino players and tries to bring some fun into play by having special offers which are often midweek. For example on one day last month a promotion offered 100 free spins on the new casino slot Wild Wild West™ and all you had to do to qualify for the offer was to have deposited at least twice before and make a new deposit of €20 plus any player who had played for real money in the previous 30 days got an extra 10 free spins. This offer was only available on the one day so you have to keep your eyes open but that really is a no lose offer. Winnings go into a bonus account of course which has play through requirements but as those winnings com e from free spins there is not much to lose.

All Irish casino makes use of NetEnt casino software which also means they have some of the more interesting casino slots on the site such as Jack Hammer™. This is a casino slot which features what is called Sticky Wins™ and it certainly is way to quickly increase winning lines. The way this works is that all fifteen symbols in the screen can act independently as opposed to being fixed to one of five reels. This enables any winning symbols to be held and all others to be spun again. If this spin results in another similar symbol appearing or even a completely new set of winning symbols then all of those are held and a second respin occurs. This continues until the win or wins are no longer improved upon after which the highest wins are paid out. This means that even a simple three matching symbols win can be multiplied up to a large win. There are also wilds and free spins in the game with free spins being particularly attractive as any wins in that mode are tripled. To get into the free spins mode you will need to have 5 free spins symbols showing but the sticky wins™ feature applies also to free spins symbols so just three is enough to get you started.

NetEnt casino software only carries a limited number of  casino slots with huge jackpots such as Mega Fortune™ but All Irish Casino gets round this by also having some slots from MIcrogaming casino software  on the site such as the famous Mega Moolah™ where the progressive jackpot is regularly several million Euro. Basically this one online casino has something for all sorts of players which is why it is top of the recommended list for Irish casino players at