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Italian online casino player is denied his winnings

By mr-casino on 2012-06-28 11:48:04

Can you imagine winning over €700,000 at an online casino and then the online casino turning round and saying that it was a software error and you would not get paid? but this is exactly what according the general casino news happened to an Italian online casino player who is now going through the courts to obtain his winnings. We shall not mention the name of the online casino in question but rest assured that it is not one of those recommended by which could be another reason for sticking to our list of recommended online casinos. Apparently Mr Venturi from Napoli who is the Italian in question started playing a numbers game with €20 and his normal €0.20 bet but started winning and increased his stakes until within an hour he had amassed €5000 and within 2 hours this became €200,000 only finally stopping when he reached over €700,000 but the online casino stated that a software upgrade error meant that he was only being charged for one in six of his bets which meant winning was inevitable and he should have noticed that something was wrong. Mr Venturi is reported in the general casino news as saying that he thought he was very lucky and had no idea that anything could be wrong adding that he had previously always lost and that he had a very good feeling when he started to win for a change. The case is still in the courts and here in the general casino news section of we shall keep an eye out for the result but it just goes to show that you need to be careful which online casino you choose as we can think of nothing worse than having a big win and not getting paid out. By the way the game has since been withdrawn.