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Laser casino deposits are a good method for Irish players

By mr-casino on 2013-07-01 14:32:46

Many Irish online casino players make deposits into their account using a Laser card without realising how typically Irish a Laser card is and indeed it doesn’t matter until you try to make a deposit from outside Ireland where you may find difficulty. There are of course many different methods for online casino deposits including all sorts of credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets and online casinos are always trying to make it easier but for Irish casino players Laser casino deposits are one of the better ones. With Laser casino deposits your money is instantly available in your casino account and if you are fortunate enough to win and wish to make a withdrawal it only takes a couple of days. Compared to credit card deposits for example Laser casino deposits are much better as the credit card companies, or to be more accurate the banks that issues your credit card, always wish to charge you for the privilege. These charges are specific to online gambling so although you may make many online purchases with your credit card without charges, as soon as online casinos or any online gambling are concerned there are additional charges which is another good reason to use the Laser casino deposit method as there are no such charges. It can also often take much longer for money from winnings to hit your account if you are using a credit card but if you really want to see the difference, most online casinos have a good banking page which will explain the charges that they make and the time it is likely to take to get your winnings; they cannot however tell you about the charges made by your own bank. The Laser card may be a particularly Irish thing but it is a very good method for making your online casino deposits.