Casino and online casino list for Ireland

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By mr-casino on 2018-05-26 09:23:03

At, the specialised Irish Casino site there are no less than 10 online casinos listed all of which have been examined to make sure they are bone fide, correctly licensed online casinos which use a reputable casino software package and are therefore perfectly safe to use. This should be a consideration for all Irish casino users as there are bound to be online casinos out there that are there to make a quick buck and disappear. The casual user of online casinos will not necessarily know what to look for in terms of where an online casino should be licensed or which casino software companies are good and indeed as long as you restrict your selection to one or more from the recommended list there is no need to know. Licensing is possibly the trickiest as Ireland does not have any of our own regulations relying instead on European legislation. The UK for example insists that online casinos have a UK license in addition to any EU issued license although to be fair this has more to do with collecting taxes for UK players than actually having any different requirements for the casinos. The online casino will always state somewhere on the site where their license to operate has been issued so for example All Irish Casino lists the Malta gaming Authority or MGA as well as the Gaming Commission which is the UK version. Paddy Power Casino lists the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the Gaming Commission while Ladbrokes casino, which is not included on the list, is licensed in Gibraltar. It should come as no surprise that all of these territories are recognised as low tax and it is where online gambling is based. All three of those territories are respected for their attention to issuing licenses for online casinos.

The issuing of a license from one of those countries should ensure a fair gambling environment but it is the casino software which is more likely to determine your enjoyment as it is that which controls the casino games. There are number of casino software suppliers but nothing like as many as there are online casinos which means that it is inevitable that many casino games and casino slots in particular can be found at different online casinos. This is actually quite a good thing for two reasons. Firstly progressive jackpots will build much faster as the more online casinos that carry a progressive jackpot slot, the more spins there will be in any given time frame and that is what builds the jackpot. The second reason is that once you have decided on your favourite casino slot there is a very good chance that you can find it somewhere else so if for some reason you don’t like your treatment at one casino you can move to another. An exception to this is possibly at Paddy Power Casino where Playtech casino software is used which may not be found at other online casinos on the list. There is nothing wrong with Playtech casino software it is simply that others prefer the likes of NetEnt or Microgaming. Amanet is also an up and coming software supplier which can be found at several online casinos on the list.

Many of the online casinos will use more than one casino software supplier as that gives the user a greater choice so for example at All Irish Casino the predominant casino software supplier is NeEnt but there are also casino slots from Microgaming and Amanet. Microgaming is well known for having progressive jackpot slots with very large jackpots which run into the millions of Euro. NetEnt also has very large jackpots but having both suppliers adds to the choice. Amanet is relatively new to the online casino world although it is not at all new to the casino world as the parent Amatic Industries has been making casino slots for many years but focussed on cabinet style machines which you might find in a club. These slots tend to be a bit simpler and easier to follow than some of the more complicated one s with hundreds of winning lines which suits some customers. The move into the online casino world is a fairly recent thing but they were not exactly starting from scratch.

It is impossible for to make a final recommendation about a single online casino which is better than any other as it is very much a personal choice but the ten are listed in preference according to them. If your preference is different, that’s fine. AS it happens All Irish Casino has been around the longest with the exception of Paddy Power Casino but as prefers a smaller more personal casino All Irish comes out on top. Fun Casino is relatively new and is an online casino that believes very much in players not extending themselves beyond their means which keeps playing casino games in the fun zone. Players are actively encouraged to set limits for themselves on all sorts of things like deposit amounts, stake size, playing time etc which are all designed to keep online casinos fun and if players do not then standard restrictions will apply. It is very little effort to set up the playing limits and they can be changed at a later date if wished although there is a time delay for upward changes for obvious reasons.

A couple of other online casinos on the list provide an alternative to the regular casino bonus system for new players by offering the same promotions to ll players regardless of how long they have been registered. Freespins Casino for example offers a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots with every deposit. The number of free spins depends which of three options you choose and how large your deposit is and of course you can opt out if you wish. No Bonus Casino on the other hand offers cash back if you lose under certain conditions so there is choice in approach as well as.