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By mr-casino on 2013-02-17 11:55:35

Here we are well into February with the Christmas and New Year celebrations a distant memory but hopefully the New Year resolutions are still going strong. The chances are that if your resolutions were about losing weight and getting fit they are long gone but for many online casino players who resolved to play some new casino games you can still do it with a bit of help from Here on the site we carry descriptions of a number of casino games to help you get started and some of the more unusual casino games such as Pai Gow poker or even Baccarat can be great fun to play. There are also those Irish gamblers who promised themselves to convert to online casino play instead of playing the slots at the local bars and clubs and this is where can really help Irish casino players. There are a number of things which you need to watch out for when choosing an online casino as there are with any internet transaction so for example you need to know that any information you are giving will be kept confidential and you need to be sure that the casino games on offer are being run fairly. has been looking at online casinos for a number of years now and we know what you should be looking for but to save you the effort of doing your own research we have done it for you and we list half a dozen of the better online casinos. Which of those you choose to play at is a question of personal preference in terms of the casino games offered and the layout of the site; all of them are well run honest online casinos and as does not operate any form of casino we can be independent in our opinions.