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Let it ride is probably the simplest online casino poker game around

By mr-casino on 2011-12-09 09:11:16

Probably the simplest game of poker available on online casinos is let it ride poker or simply let it ride for short and it is great casino game for beginners to the world of poker as it enables you to learn the value of poker hands and how frequently they occur without needing a massive cash pile. Let it ride is played against the dealer (although the dealer does not actually have cards) and not against other players so there is no danger of a more skilful player being able to read what you have and either back out quickly or take you for a load of money; in let it ride, if you have a winning hand you win and the better your hand is the more you win. In let it ride poker (let them ride at Paddy Power casino) you will be dealt three cards and a further two community cards are dealt face down in the centre of the table; from this you must decide on whether you can make a five card poker hand of a pair of tens or better. At the beginning of the hand you will have placed an ante bet but actually three times that bet size will have been deducted from your stack so in effect you have placed three ante bets and instead of placing additional bets you can withdraw bets as the game proceeds. Your first decision is after seeing your first three cards and your second decision is after the first of the two community cards has been turned over. Interestingly each decision is independent of the other so you can withdraw a bet after the deal but still let your other bet ride after the first community card is visible. Let it ride is rather unusual in this respect but you can always withdraw both your additional bets and just play for your original ante at any time. Let it ride is nothing like as complicated to play as this description suggests and within a couple of hands you will know exactly what is going on; a great quick and simple game of poker..