Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Selecting an online casino is a question of personal taste

By mr-casino on 2011-12-05 15:47:56 is a specialised online casino site that tries to help our Irish readers to select an online casino that suits their purposes whilst also trying to keep them away from online casino providers who do not have the preferred certification which guarantees safety and security. We only recommend 6 online casinos here at and although we are not suggesting that these are the only six that are trustworthy we think they provide between them a good choice of casino games to satisfy most casino players requirements and we know them to be correctly certified. Which online casino you choose from these is entirely a question of personal taste; some will select  a casino where they can also place bets on sports and keep a single wallet, others will prefer to play a casino where there is also a good online poker facility whilst some just want the online casino and will play where they find the best graphics and choice of games. We have not made any attempt to cover all the casino games that are available in all these online casinos bit you should be able to find descriptions of the more popular casino games on the pages  of to help you get started. The important thing is that tries to give independent help; we do not operate an online casino ourselves which leaves us to be free in what we recommend and what we like and dislike. We shall try to keep our readers up to date on interesting developments in the online casino world both here in Ireland and in other parts of the world as well as special promotions which we think might be of interest or new games such as new slots which pop up from time to time. You are welcome to become a regular reader of our pages but most of all we wish you to have playing one of our recommended online casinos..