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Let it ride poker is a simple online casino game

By mr-casino on 2012-02-13 16:42:39

Let it ride poker is not a game you will find at any land based casino but it is readily available in most online casinos and it is a great to start playing poker without it costing an arm and a leg because you have encountered a better player. Let it ride poker is played against the online casino but the dealer does not in fact have a hand so it becomes a simple question of whether your hand is good enough and the better it is the more you win; minimum hand requirements and payout odds can vary so look at the online casino where you are playing and all will be displayed on the table. Let it ride poker gains its name from the rather unusual way of placing bets which is the reverse of normal poker where you increase your bet as the game progresses whereas in let it ride you place three bets at the start of the game and can withdraw two of them during play. This may sound complicated but in actual fact it makes no difference to the end result. Play starts with the player being dealt three face up cards and two community cards being placed face down on the table and the idea is to form the minimum winning poker hand or better from all five cards (usually a pair of tens is the minimum). Having placed three equal bets on the table at the start of the let it ride game you can withdraw one of those bets having seen your first three cards; interestingly in let it ride, withdrawing a bet at this stage does not mean you are out of the hand. After this decision the first of the community cards is revealed and you can make a decision about your second bet which is either to let it ride or to withdraw it; this decision is completely independent of your first decision. The final community card is then revealed and your hand is paid out if you have the minimum hand or better. Let it ride is a very simple poker game..