Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Live casino can be a fun option

By mr-casino on 2016-03-29 11:12:25

Irish casino players often wonder what the live casino option is at an online casino as the two terms are rather contradictory as being live suggests that things are happening as you play which of course they are at any of the online casinos but the difference is in the use of a random number generator to pick the winning numbers or cards. All online casinos use a random number generator and the good online casinos have independent auditors to make sure that they are indeed random although there will probably be times if you are losing when you will doubt that. You will never doubt it if you are winning. A live casino on the other hand does not use an RNG as it uses dealers or croupiers to deal cards or spin the roulette wheel and you can see what is going on as camera pictures are streamed from the room where the tables have been set up. This is rarely from an actual casino but rather from a room somewhere, often in Eastern Europe, where the equipment has been set up. An exception for Irish casino players is All Irish Casino where live pictures are streamed from an actual casino in Malta although even then it is in a side room where no other players are present. The only real advantage of the live casino option is the non use of an RNG unless of course you like the idea of chatting to the dealers in which case live casino is the only answer. Casino games are generally restricted to those requiring a dealer such as roulette and blackjack although the occasional game of baccarat or Caribbean Stud can be found so if you are a casino slots player then live casino is no help whatsoever. Live casino can be good fun and makes a change from the regular online casino play but the minimum stakes do tend to be a little higher.