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Live casino gives you the chance to interact with a dealer

By mr-casino on 2012-08-09 15:22:50

A fairly new innovation in the online casino world is what is known as live casino and it is available at most but not all online casinos and it was brought about by the fact that some online casino players like to feel that they are in actual fact playing in a land based casino with the opportunity to chat to the dealer or croupier and some also do not like the idea of a random number generator selecting the cards or roulette wheel numbers but prefer to see the ball drop or the cards come from the shoe. Live casino in most cases is a web cam transmission from a specially constructed room often in Eastern Europe and although all the equipment in use is genuine what you are looking at is not a casino where the general public can participate which should not detract from your enjoyment. You can chat to the dealers through the written word as is the case in other casino games such as online poker which gives a feeling of interaction. The choice of casino games at live casino is somewhat limited being roulette blackjack and baccarat which is of course where a dealer is essential and again generally speaking the stakes requirement is higher than might be at the online casino (the dealers need to be paid after all). Live casino certainly is a new experience and makes a change from regular online casinos and to encourage you to try it most online casinos will offer some sort of first player bonus even though you might have played the regular online casino before. We doubt there is any difference in your chances of winning at live casino versus regular online casino but live casino players will often have their favourite dealers which at least makes them feel better about it.