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The Asian casino market is not yet satisfied

By mr-casino on 2012-08-07 11:04:54

Whilst most of the sporting news centres around London 2012 here in the general casino news it seems that the Asian market for casinos has yet to be satisfied despite new casinos opening in Macau and Singapore in recent times and of course at least one other casino awaiting approval in Macau. General casino news has learned however that other countries are building and opening new casinos such as in Manila in the Philippines where gambling is already legal which should mean a good pool of customers. This particular casino is being developed by a joint venture between some of the biggest names in the casino industry in Asia namely Philippines supposedly richest man Henry Sy, Australian James Packer and Lawrence Ho from Hong Kong who together will be finding around €800 million for the project which is due to be complete in 2013 but there is at least one other casino development in Manila. Forecasts in the general casino news also suggest that other countries such as Vietnam are looking for a slice of the pie although current regulations in that country prevent locals from gambling even though visitors are able to do so and as Vietnam is an up and coming tourist destination once more this could boost the coffers of the country. Also in the general casino news are reports that other countries such as South Korea and Taiwan may be about to change the laws to allow gambling which again would give rise to more casinos and casino resorts. The online casino market is also likely to benefit from any changes in legislation in these countries although we have seen no reports in the general casino news that suggest that any of the larger online casinos that we know in Europe have made any moves to investigate but that may yet come.