Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Live casino is an alternative but not for casino slots players

By mr-casino on 2019-02-26 11:31:57

Online casinos are great fun and more and more people are realising that as they are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and on various forms of devices there is no end to the possibilities. The range of casino games is huge so whether you are a keen roulette or blackjack player or just like to put money into a casino slot and see what happens everything is there for you. Gambling has always been quite popular in Ireland but since the online casino became available it is certainly spreading and for very good reason. Gambling is about risking your own money in an attempt to make more whether that is backing a horse or simply playing the lottery. There is no entertainment value in the lottery but still thousands of people play it but online casinos offer loads of entertainment especially in the area of some of the more amusing casino slots. Some will say that it is a lonely form of entertainment and for the most part that is true but then that is often what players are looking for and if they do want a bit of company there is always the live casino option. For those unfamiliar with live casinos it is an offering which nearly all online casinos have these days where the computer deciding on the next cards or numbers is replaced with an actual dealer.

The computer is what is known as a Random Number Generator or RNG for short and they have many uses apart from online casinos. The live casino on the other hand has real people dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel. The live casino is not an actual casino although in the case of it is at least in a casino building. Generally it is a room, which can be anywhere, which has been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette wheels and where dealers are on standby to do the dealing or spinning of the wheel. You place your bets in the same way as you would at the RNG casino but you are able to see what is going on by means of strategically placed cameras streaming pictures from the room. You cannot actually see any other players even though they might be playing but there is a communication channel to the dealer of you fancy a chat. Live casinos were reportedly established to get around the fact that some casino players do not trust the RNG and some even thought that the online casinos were rigging them to produce better results. Possibly an RNG can be rigged but at any of the online casinos listed at the RNGs are regularly inspected by third parties plus the risks involved in doing that would involve losing licenses and being put out of business. Licensing of online casinos is a very serious business undertaken mostly by countries where there is a large presence of online gaming such as Malta or Gibraltar as well as individual countries such as the UK where they demand their own license in addition to a European one.

Despite all of these assurances there will still be those who prefer to see what is going on and feel more comfortable that way. Live casino is not for everyone for two very simple reasons. The minimum stakes at the live casino tend on average to be a little higher than at the RNG casinos so for those who like playing Euro or cents rather than tens or hundreds of Euro will have to stay with the regular online casino. The second issue is that there is a small selection of casino games which are, of course, those that actually need a dealer. That includes all the roulette and blackjack games along with Baccarat and possibly Casino Hold’em or Caribbean Stud but what you will not find are games like Craps or more importantly any casino slots. This lack of casino slots is what steers most Irish casino players to the regular online casinos as they remain the most played games and for good reason. Casino slots provide an unrivalled chance to win very large amounts of money for relatively little outlay. Blackjack for example has a maximum payout of 3:2 and that is for a blackjack so if you want to win hundreds or thousands of Euro you will need to playing for equally large stakes and even roulette has a maximum payout of 35:1. Casino slots on the other hand can pay out thousands of Euro for a one Euro stake or even less. The really large slots jackpots which run into the millions of Euro will require larger stakes but not everybody is chasing millions; they simply want the chance to be entertained and win a few thousand.

For new players looking to register for the first time at an online casino it is recommended to follow the advice of and plump for one of the top three on the list. There are 8 online casinos on the list and they are all good and safe so really by choosing any of them you cannot go wrong but the top three have, in the opinion of, something extra to offer. has probably the biggest range of casino slots anywhere so finding one that you like should be very easy, Fun Casino specialises in keeping casino play fun by encouraging all players to play within their individual boundaries of affordability. They do this by offering a range of limits which be set by the individual player but if this is declined there are house limits which will be applied and No Bonus Casino gives all players cash back if they lose. This latter one looks unlikely but it is true. No Bonus Casino says that players that make a deposit into their online casino account and mange to lose the whole lot on the same day will get 10% refunded the very next day. There are no catches to this and the refunded money is not subject to any special requirements. Take a look and see what it means.