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Live casino is an option at most online casinos

By mr-casino on 2015-06-03 11:51:23

One of the tabs at the top of the screen on most online casinos is called live casino and you would not be alone in wondering what a live casino is doing on an online casino site. Live casino has really been developed for those online casino players who for whatever reason do not trust the random number generator (RNG) used in all online casinos to determine a winning number or card or for those who like a bit of interaction with a dealer when they are playing. It should be quickly added that there is no reason not to trust the RNG of any of the online casinos listed at as the casino software companies are very reputable but there are nevertheless those who have an issue with them. Online casino roulette can often be an issue with some as when the RNG has decided the winning number the ball somehow has to arrive at the correct slot on the wheel which can result in some jerky movements which some will interpret as  fiddling but only if they lose of course. Live casino in truth is nothing more than a dealer in a room with either a card table or a roulette wheel and the whole thing is being transmitted via web cams to your computer. The casino games are restricted to those which actually need a dealer which generally means roulette, blackjack and sometimes Baccarat so if you are looking for casino slots at live casino you will not find them. The rooms themselves which are used for live casino are often nowhere near any actual casino and are located in Eastern European countries but there a couple of exceptions where the live casino operation is located at an actual casino in Malta and they are All Irish Casino and No Bonus Casino.