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Live casino is not as popular as the regular online casino

By mr-casino on 2016-12-02 09:12:31

Online casinos have a live casino option for some years now but for some reason it is not as popular as the regular online casino play. One reason could be that the choice of casino games at the live casino option is somewhat limited and for the many Irish casino players who only play casino slots or Bingo it is not an option at all as those games are not available. The main games played at live casino are roulette and blackjack although there a handful of online casinos such as all Irish Casino that also offer Punto Banco, otherwise known as Baccarat. The only real advantage of playing at the live casino option is that there is the ability to chat to the dealer but most casino players tend to keep to themselves anyway as you will have noticed when you visit an actual land based casino. Only friends and family tend to talk to each other. An actual casino also enables you to enjoy somebody else winning but the live casino option at online casinos does not even give that pleasure. As far as we can figure out it is simply the distrust of the random number generator used at online casinos that pushed players towards the live casino option in the belief that seeing the cards dealt or the roulette wheel spun is more likely to be honest. would not be surprised if there were online casinos in existence that provided less than honest casino games but then again it is also very easy to rig a roulette wheel or to train dealers to deal cards from the bottom. The only safe option is to ensure that you are playing at an online casino that has things in place to make sure that they are playing honest games and the best way to do that is to choose one of the online casinos from the recommended list at has done their homework and investigated where the online casinos on the list are registered and licensed and made sure that through membership of certain voluntary organisations they are bone fide online casino operators. Another indication of a good online casino is the casino software that is in use. It is generally the casino software which governs what wins and that is especially true in the casino slots section so recognised casino software is imperative. If you do not recognise the casino software then check it out before you play. There will almost certainly be casino software companies that you have never heard of as they do not tend to be well known names but that does not mean that they are no good. If in doubt take a look at pages which cover casino software or take a look at the recommended online casinos to see if they use that software. Certain online casinos such as Insta Casino use quite  variety of casino software so you can get a good guide from there.

The live casino option of an online casino is generally nothing more than a room somewhere, often in one of the eastern European countries, which has been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette tables together with webcams to transmit what is happening in real time to your computer or tablet. It would be impossible to transmit from an actual casino where other players were playing as that would invade the privacy of the other players. The closest any online casino comes to that is All Irish Casino where the room is actually in the same building as a real casino in Malta but not on the actual casino floor itself. Other online casinos do not appear to say where their live casino is located but you can generally make a good guess from the names and appearance of the dealers. Online casinos arrange their live casino options differently with some listing according to table stakes while others think that the name of the dealer is the most important for choosing your table. Unfortunately as everybody knows who has played in an actual casino the dealers change on a regular basis especially, it seems, when you are on a winning streak. This is probably not the case but it does seem that way sometimes. is not able to say which is the best live casino option as this is generally such a small part of the whole online casino experience so simply takes it into account when making recommendations about the whole online casino. There are a number of online casinos listed and there is at least a paragraph describing what you can expect from them. There are large online casinos for those who like the thought that if so many people use it, it must be good and there are smaller online casinos where you are more likely to be treated as an individual rather than a number. All of them offer casino games such as roulette and blackjack but the major difference is likely to be in the casino slots section and that depends on the casino software. As there are more online casinos than there are casino software suppliers you will undoubtedly come across online casinos offering similar or even identical casino slots. This is not a problem and indeed if it is a progressive jackpot slot it is a definite advantage. Slots jackpots are built up over time with each spin contributing a minute fraction of a Euro cent so the more spins there are the faster the jackpot builds and the higher it becomes. With this in mind, if several different online casinos are contributing to the same pot the quicker it will go. This also goes someway to explain why an online casino is pleased when one of its players its one of these huge jackpots when you might expect them to be disappointed. They are able to claim that one of their players has hit the jackpot but they are only carrying a fraction of the total cost of that jackpot.