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You can change your chosen casino deposit method at any time

By mr-casino on 2016-10-19 11:42:15

Online casinos are definitely great fun and some of them such as All Irish Casino allow you to play free casino even without registering for an account but sooner or later you will want to play for real money and it is then that you must consider which of the many casino deposit options to use. The simplest deposit method is to grab your credit card as you might do for any internet transaction but when it comes to online casinos that is probably not the best choice. The online casino itself offers many choices and they rarely make any charge for any of the casino deposit options but the credit card issuers are a different kettle of fish altogether and they want to make money at every turn. Firstly, the casino deposit will be available to you immediately to play any of your favourite casino games but that in itself means that the card issuer will treat it as a cash transaction which means they will treat it in the same way as if you had made a withdrawal from a cash machine using the card. This would normally be a last resort for somebody as interest is payable from the day of the transaction and we all know that credit cards have very high interest rates. Even if you are in the excellent habit of paying off your credit card in full every month you will still be subject to interest until the card is paid off. Unfortunately that is not the end of the story as credit card issuers have something against gambling and they will make an additional charge for any transaction to a gambling company. You may not be aware of this but most card issuers apply the charge which can be found in the “small print” of the agreement; that is the one that nobody ever reads.

There are of course alternatives such as a Visa or Mastercard debit card which are accepted as a casino deposit method by virtually all online casinos. In this case there are no charges as the card is not offering credit. If there is insufficient money in your account then the debit card payment will not go through. There are also no specific charges for the payment being made to a gambling company. This makes the debit card deposit option quite good. The only drawback for some is that your bank has visibility of the transaction and the online casino has a record of your debit card. Any good online casino such as those listed at has very encryption in place to protect your details but beware if using an online casino that is inappropriately registered. Clearly the fewer people that know your details the better it is. It should probably be noted at this stage that you can change your casino deposit method at any time so even if you are already registered  with an online casino or even several online casinos and you used a credit card in the beginning you can still change very easily.

Many online casino players use one of the many internet payment methods called e-wallets both for online casino deposits and for other internet purchases. The best known in the online casino world are probably Skrill Moneybookers and Neteller. Paypal is popular in some places but some online casinos such as All Irish Casino tend to shun PayPal due to the charges which they impose on the retailer. Margins at an online casino are quite small so any additional charges are avoided wherever possible. The use of an e-wallet as an online casino deposit method has the advantage that the online casino has no bank details but as previously stated that is not an issue with a good online casino. The money is of course available in your casino account immediately and e-wallets work at any time of the day or night. Different online casinos accept different e-wallets so check on online casino page concerning deposits. You may even find some wallets that you have never heard of.

Direct bank transfers are also possible at some online casinos although they seem to be rarely used for no known good reason other than it can sometimes take a couple of hours for a payment to arrive. If you are in the middle of playing and require additional funds this can be annoying. There is a very good chance that the money will arrive in minutes but it is not certain and Murphy’s law  will always apply that it will not arrive when you need it most urgently. Prepayment cards as casino deposit methods are on the increase. The Paysafe card is probably the best known of these and can be purchased in many places. It can be used for any internet transaction but you need to think ahead and have loaded the card before you start playing. It is however a very good method for those who think they may have a gambling problem as you are in fact restricting your deposits to what is loaded on the card. Every good online casino has sections which allow you to set your own limits in a variety of ways anyway but the use of a prepaid card is certainly an alternative.

The final thing to think about when deciding on your casino deposit method is that any winnings will also be paid out to whichever deposit method you have chosen which in some cases can take a couple of days. For more information on this you are advised to check the banking pages of your chosen online casino. No online casino should make charges for paying out winnings so check that they do not. All casino deposit options are listed on online casinos sites and it is worth spending a few minutes evaluating them before making a decision although as stated already you can change at any time if you are not happy with your chosen method.