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Live casino not as popular as regular online casino play

By mr-casino on 2018-02-07 12:11:41

Online casinos are always trying to think up new ideas to attract more players and one of the ideas from quite a long time ago was the idea of having a live casino option. This was new at the time but nearly every online casino now has the option. It is however debatable whether in fact the effort which is required to create and run live casino is worth it as most Irish casino players still stick with the original concept of computer based casino games. The big difference between live casino and the regular online casinos is that in the live casino mode there are croupiers or dealers where as in the regular online casino cards or the next number in roulette are determined by a random number generator. In theory there is no difference between the two as far as the chances of winning are concerned although there are those who are convinced that RNGs are biased in the casinos favour. This could possibly be so in some cases although has never encountered any cases and in any event online casinos listed at the site all have their RNGs tested regularly by independent bodies to ensure their randomness.  Online casinos have no need to go to the extremes of playing about with the RNG as they have an edge anyway in all casino games.

Players do of course complain about the results of the RNG as they also do about the cards being dealt even if there is a dealer or croupier; this is especially so when hitting a losing streak but it all goes away when winning. The live casino option at online casinos is very often in a specially equipped room somewhere in Eastern Europe but there are exceptions such as All Irish Casino where the live casino is in an actual casino premises, in this case in the Portomaso Casino in Malta. In both cases it is simply a room which has been equipped with the necessary tables and of course cameras to transmit what is happening to your computer or other device but the room which is attached to the actual casino is likely to have professional staff as they probably also work in the actual casino as well. One of the reasons that some Irish casino players do not play at the live casino option is because as a general rule the minimum stakes are a little higher. Roulette can generally be played for as little as €1 on a single number but blackjack is more likely to be €5 per hand. This is of course not a problem for many but for those who are playing for small stakes and just for fun it is enough to persuade them to stick with the regular online casino.

A second reason that many casino players avoid the live casino is simply because the casino games they prefer are not available. Very many Irish casino players love to play casino slots but there are no casino slots at the live casino. Less popular casino games such as Craps are also not to be found but casino slots is the biggest omission. Slots are played frequently because they provide the chance to win large suns for very little outlay and that is attractive. There are of course very large sums to be won which can be into the millions of Euro on slots provided by casino software companies such as MIcrogaming or NetEnt both of which, incidentally, are available at All Irish Casino but pot chasers who are after these need to have a large budget to start with as to win the maximum jackpot you will have to be playing for the maximum stake per line. If you combine that with the maximum number of lines it can get quite expensive per spin. Many of these progressive jackpot slots also have smaller jackpots which can be won with correspondingly smaller stakes per line.

Most players at online casinos however are happy to settle for more modest but more frequent wins, which can still be in the thousands of Euro which is not to be sniffed at, as long as the slot provides entertainment as well. With this in mind it is not surprising to find that the casino slot Gonzo’s Quest is extremely popular as it definitely has entertainment value. The slot has a sort of Aztec theme with the intrepid explorer Gonzo looking for gold in deepest Peru. He is clad as more of a Spanish explorer which is somehow logical and the slot symbols are carved onto blocks of stone. The slot has a number of unique features but probably the main one is that all symbols are free to move independently of each other rather than being fixed on one of 5 reels. This does add a different dimension to casino slots. What happens is that when a winning combination is achieved, all blocks of stone in that win explode which leaves those above to drop down to take their place with those in the top row being replaced. This all happens automatically without the need to stake any extra cash. If this new arrangement results in another winning line which is very possible then the process repeats itself time and again until a win is no longer achieved. There are also wild symbols to help along the way. This is however no all as there is also a win multiplier which moves to 2X after the first win, to 3X after the second win and to 5X after the third win so the fourth successive win will pay out at 5 times face value. Every win pays out so successive wins can certainly increase your balance. Even better is when you get into free spins mode, which is achieved with three free spins symbols, where even the first win is tripled and successive wins reach 15 times face value. When large wins such as this happen, Gonzo will be there with his upturned Helmet helping you collect the gold coins.