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Live casino at online casinos is not as popular as it might be

By mr-casino on 2017-09-16 10:42:09

Online casinos have come up with several new things to try to attract more and more new players and one of those is the live casino option but this does not appear to be one of the greatest successes as many Irish casino players prefer to stick with their regular online casino play. Possibly Irish casino players in particular are less likely to choose the live casino option as many of them have rarely if ever played in a land based live casino so there is no feeling of what is being missed. In other countries where casinos are all over the place this might be different but even then the live casino option at an online casino does not really replicate an actual land based casino. Part of the fun of attending a land based casino is participating with other players and being able to see what they are doing and how they are playing. Seeing somebody else win large amounts can also be satisfying as long as you are not losing too heavily yourself and in fact it is not unusual at land based casinos to find people just watching what others are doing rather than actually taking part themselves. This is especially true when a high roller hits the tables and then they start to wonder where the money comes from. Actual casinos have to on their guard the whole time to fight against money laundering and it is much easier to control at an online casino although they also are on their guard the whole time.

Another issue which goes against a live casino at an online casino is the fact that there are no casino slots which just happens to be the most played sector in online casinos. The live casino only carries those casino games that actually use a dealer such as roulette or blackjack. Other card games such as Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is known in some casinos and Caribbean Stud are also sometimes found. The overriding reason for playing live casino instead of the regular online casino is probably to avoid the random number generators which are used at online casinos everywhere. The random number generator, or RNG as they are commonly known, is an electronic device which determines the next card to be dealt of the next number on a roulette wheel. Good online casinos such as any of those listed at this site have their RNGs checked on a regular basis to make sure that they are indeed random which is in everybody’s interests. Nevertheless it is easy to see why they can be distrusted when on a losing streak and something or somebody has to be blamed. This is never a problem when players are on a winning streak. The roulette wheel is probably the most criticised piece of equipment by those who dislike RNGs. This is because the graphics show the ball moving around the roulette wheel uniformly but as soon as the RNG decides what the next number will be the game electronics have to somehow manoeuvre the ball into the correct slot which can lead to some occasional jerky movements which look unnatural. Having said that, even in a live casino whether at an online casino or not there are times when the ball seems to have settled in a slot only to jump out and come to rest elsewhere. If the slot it jumps out of was your number that also leads to suspicion.

These so called live casinos are generally located in a specially equipped room which can be located anywhere but are often found in Eastern European countries. There is little equipment needed apart from a roulette table or two and a few card tables plus of course a means of transmitting pictures of the proceedings to your own device. These pictures are never from an actual casino floor but there are online casinos such as All Irish Casino that at least have the live casino option located in the same building as an actual casino. In this particular case it is the Portomaso Casino in Malta which many readers may actually know if they have had holidays on the Island. Malta is an excellent choice as it is already recognised as one of the top centres for online gambling in Europe and is where many online casinos are registered and licensed. The other advantage is that the dealers are likely to be professional and English is one of the recognised languages of the country which can make communication easier. The other is Maltese which only locals speak.

Regular online casinos also often carry a variety or two of both roulette and blackjack which live casinos do not as they prefer the regular game. One of the differences that can arise in roulette is whether they are playing the European or the American version. At an online casino you will often have the choice and the choice should always be the European version but at the live casino you may not have that choice. For clarity the European version of casino roulette has 37 numbers which includes the dreaded zero but the American version has 38 numbers as it includes a second zero called double zero or 00. This would not be too bad if the odds paid out were different but they are not so clearly your chances of winning are reduced. This may not seem a big deal gong from 37 to 38 numbers but the fact that the 38th number is another zero is the killer. Remember that the zero is neither red nor black nor odd nor even so all those outside bets lose and is therefore probably the most hated number on the roulette table. By having a second zero the chances of your outside bet losing have immediately doubled. If you have the choice between European roulette and American roulette always go for European roulette and if the live casino option at your online casino only offers American roulette then go somewhere else