Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Not every online casino is the same despite having similar casino games

By mr-casino on 2017-08-19 13:45:51

Although endowed with more than enough online casinos when it comes to an actual casino Ireland does not have much to offer despite several attempts in the past to create entertainment complexes that include a casino. Ireland could indeed be the only country in Europe that does not have a casino despite the obvious benefits to employment and tax income. Of course there are counter arguments about attracting the wrong people in the community as well as encouraging problem gambling or possible even money laundering but these last two are a danger even at online casinos  but seem to be managed. For the time being therefore it is an online casino that Irish casino players must use and as already stated there is plenty of choice and in fact some would say too much choice. On the face of it all online casinos seem to offer the same casino games so it can be difficult to choose one over another but a closer examination reveals some differences that might be important to you. Firstly it is only partly true that all online casinos offer the same casino games. Games such as Roulette or Blackjack are of course available everywhere and despite some online casinos attempting to create variations there is really no difference between the games offered at any online casino. When it comes to casino slots however it all depends on the casino software which your chosen online casino is using.

Online casinos do not write their own casino software these days preferring instead to use one of the specialist companies such as NetEnt or Microgaming or Playtech although there are plenty of others who produce very good casino slots. Different casino software suppliers produce very different casino slots and as slots are probably the most played casino game choosing the right casino software and hence the right online casino is important. There is of course no real definitive measure for saying that one set of casino slots is better than any other as it is very much a question of personal preference but is quite keen on NetEnt casino software slots as found at All Irish Casino or No Bonus Casino as they offer something a little bit different from the standard three or five reel slots. An example of this is the casino slot Jack Hammer™ where instead of having five fixed reels there are still fifteen symbols visible on the screen but they are all capable of moving independently of each other and it is this feature which enables the Sticky Win™ feature to operate. Sticky Wins™ are unique to this casino slot and the way it works is that when a win is triggered which is generally three or more identical symbols, all those symbols in the winning line are held while all the others are replaced in a random way. This happens automatically and the re-spin is free. Should this result in the original win being improved upon or indeed a new and different win being triggered then the process repeats itself. This process continues until no improvement is made whereupon the highest win or indeed wins are paid out.

The slot also has wilds and free spins symbols with five free spin symbols being needed to enter the free spins game where all wins are tripled. Five free spins symbols might seem quite a lot but they can appear anywhere on the screen and the Sticky Wins™ feature also applies which means that three free spins symbols will be held in the hope of improving. This is one way of utilising the fact of fifteen symbols being independent but another can be found at the casino slot called Gonzo’s Quest™. This is again a casino slot from the casino software NetEnt and this time it has an Aztec theme with Gonzo being an explorer in deepest Peru. The symbols themselves are on what are supposed to be stone blocks and winning symbols explode. Any blocks which were on top of the winning blocks drop down to take their place with any on the top row being replaced with new ones. Again this happens automatically and it is free. The new arrangement of blocks may well create another win and if this happens the process again repeats itself until no further win is achieved. In addition  to this the casino slot has a win multiplier so that a second successive win pays double, a third triple and a fourth consecutive win pays out at five times face value. Wilds and free spins are again available with the free spins mode being particularly attractive as the win multiplier starts at 5 times and rises to fifteen times with successive wins. Gonzo himself also keeps the entertainment going either by simply scratching his beard or he will personally guide you to the free spins mode or even dance a jig and celebrate a large win with you.

One of the other major differences between the online casinos is the way in which they handle the casino bonus system. There are those that offer only a bonus to new customers but there are others that offer something to all players and one of those is called No Bonus Casino. A regular casino bonus is generally constructed as a match of your first ever deposit into the casino but having received the bonus there are a number of requirements that must be met before you can actually withdraw any cash from your account which can make it quite tough. No Bonus casino on the other hand offers cash back if you lose. The procedure is simple enough and states that if you make a deposit on any day and manage to lose it all on the same day then 10% will be refunded to your account the very next day. The really good thing about this is that it is available to all players every day no matter how long you have been registered and there are no restrictions on what you can do with the refunded cash as it is placed directly into your playing account rather than a bonus account.