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Maestro debit card is good for online casinos

By mr-casino on 2011-04-23 08:05:24

Choosing your online casino should be done with care which is why we have taken the trouble at to make recommendations for you but equally important is to decide how to make deposits into your account once it has been opened and in fact you need to have decided this before you start to register. There are of course many methods but depositing with Maestro is one of the better ones. Maestro is the debit card brand of MasterCard and is better known in Ireland under the Laser brand but they are effectively the same thing and is why most cards in Ireland carry both symbols. Depositing into your casino with Maestro is very straightforward and should carry no costs either from the casino or from your card provider; it is an instant transaction which means that the cash should show in your account immediately and be available to play casino table games of your choice. Being a debit card rather than a credit card you will need to have the funds available in your bank account in order to make this transaction into your Maestro casino. If you are concerned about providing the online casino with your Maestro card details but would still like to use the payment method there is an alternative and that is to use an e-wallet. We should add that at the online casinos that we recommend there is no need to have any concern about the security of your data but we understand the reluctance of some to provide the information. The alternative is to open an e-wallet account (PayPal or similar) and then to use your Maestro card to fund that e-wallet account. The advantage of doing it this way is that you can have accounts with different online casinos but it is only the e-wallet company that holds your Maestro card details. Online casinos and Maestro work well together..