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Man shoots himself in Irish casino news

By mr-casino on 2015-04-14 09:23:18

Well what a weekend that was in Irish gambling circles with the Grand National being won by Many Clouds and the golf masters by Jordan Spieth and here at we hope that some of you online casino players made a few successful bets. One other bet in the Irish casino news is being made by American Glen Straub who is reported to have bought the former Revel casino in Atlantic City after four other failed attempts to sell it. The casino cost some $2.4 billion to build and operated for 2 years without ever making a profit so even though Straub only paid $82 million as reported in the casino news it must still be considered as a considerable gamble. Online casinos are not to blame for the demise of several casinos in the USA as they are still illegal although for how much longer remains to be seen as there are regular reports in the casino news about developments in that area. In other casino news it is reported that a casino player shot himself because his lifetime free buffet offer at a casino was rescinded although obviously there was more than that to the story. Irish casino news has seen reports that the man who was clearly mentally disturbed had already threatened to commit suicide on Easter day 2013 as part of his attempt to get his free food reinstated but the last straw appears to have been banning him from the premises for chatting up the female employees with the result that he put a single shot to his head in the casino itself. We know that online casinos sometimes cause problems and an Irish online casino is no different but fortunately not many people carry guns and anyway there is no free food at  online casinos.