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New online casino players must decide on a deposit method

By mr-casino on 2015-01-06 09:23:29

Now we are into the new year there will be a number of people who are thinking of having a bit of fun at an online casino and apart from the problem of selecting an online casino, which is something that Irish casino players can get help with at, there is also the decision about which casino deposit method should be used. This is often not thought about until the player reaches the banking page where they have to decide how much to deposit and how to do it and the online casino generally does not help as there are multiple methods available. Which online casino deposit method you use will depend on your own preference and circumstances so for example a debit card is a quick and easy method but the transaction will show up on your bank statement which may be an annoyance for some but not for others. Another very popular deposit method for online casinos is to use one of the many e-wallets such as PayPal or Moneybookers. This particular method has the advantage of shielding your bank details from the online casino but as long as the online casino has good encryption procedures, which all of the online casinos listed at do, this is not an issue but it also has the advantage that your own bank has no knowledge of the transaction. The one casino deposit method that should be avoided is to use a credit card as there will be two additional charges involved in the transaction. Firstly the casino deposit will be treated as a cash transaction on your credit card which attracts interest from day one and the second is that there is a charge simply because it is gambling. Yet another method which is not available at all online casinos is to use a cash deposit but the online casino must have a high street presence for this to be possible.