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Moneybookers can be used for an online casino and other online transactions

By mr-casino on 2011-05-13 08:44:51

There are many ways in which you can deposit and withdraw money into and out of your online casino account and one of those which is maybe a little less popular is Moneybookers. Being less popular does not make moneybookers casino any less safe or efficient, in fact Moneybookers can be used for all sorts of online transactions as it is what is known as an e-wallet which has been specifically set up for online transactions. The advantage of using an e-wallet such as moneybookers to fund your online casino account is that the casino does not need any of your bank details or credit card details, all you need to deposit or withdraw is your moneybookers account number and a password. The transaction is also immediate which means that the cash which you deposit is available to play any of your favourite casino table games straight away and there are no charges made by either moneybookers or the online casino. Charges are something which needs to be considered when funding an online casino account as if you use a credit card directly with the online casino you will probably be subject to a charge but if you use an e-wallet such as moneybookers and then use a credit card to fund your money bookers account you can avoid the charges altogether. The charges may seem to be quite small at around 2% but if you consider that the house edge on certain casino games is only slightly more than that the charges make it doubly difficult to turn a profit. The only disadvantage, if it can be called that, is that in order to fund an online casino account using moneybookers or any other e-wallet you need to have the cash in your account but as we never advise players to gamble on credit this is not much of a disadvantage..