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Most online casinos have a live casino option but usage is small

By mr-casino on 2017-03-08 17:54:51

It was once a very original thought to have a live casino option at an online casino but today nearly all online casinos have it as an option but in the experience of it is not used as much as the online casinos would have anticipated but it is not clear why that should be the case. Probably the major reason for introducing live casino was to do away with the use a random number generator which is the only way that online casinos can randomly produce the next card or number to fall. The trouble is that some Irish casino players have no faith that the RNG is always random and this is especially true during a losing streak which everybody has. Funnily enough it is never a problem when winning. Any good online casinos such as those listed on the site will have their RNG tested on a regular basis by an independent body to make sure the results are random but that will never stop people having doubts. The strange thing about this is that the online casino has no need to manipulate a random number generator even if it could as the odds are in the favour of the casino anyway. The online casino is always going to make money in the long term due to the very nature of the odds. Remember for example that there are 37 numbers on a European roulette table but the odds on a single number are 35:1 and the difference is the margin for the online casino.

All casino games have a margin in favour of the online casino so even blackjack where a tie in the hand is a push there is a margin in the fact that the player plays the hand before the bank. In casino slots there is a payout percentage which can often be as high as 95 or 96% but the difference between that and 100% is the casino margin. This casino margin does not mean of course that it is not possible to win when playing at an online casino, all it means is that over time there will be more money lost than money won but as long as you are one of the winners that’s fine. For the doubters then, online casinos invented live casino which uses live dealers instead of random number generators. The live casino can be situated anywhere but with a few exceptions they seem to be in Eastern European countries probably because the labour costs are lower than having them located in Ireland for example. The live casinos are also with a few exceptions nowhere near anything that resembles a casino, they are simply rooms which have been equipped with the necessary roulette and card tables and of course cameras to transmit what is happening. As mentioned, there are a couple of exceptions such as All Irish Casino and where in both cases the live casino room is attached to an actual casino in Malta and to be exact the Portomaso Casino. This is a well known casino on the Island and in fact if you by chance go to Malta on holiday it is well worth a visit.

The live casino room is of course not the actual casino floor as broadcasting pictures around the globe from an actual casino would definitely be frowned upon and the casino would not be getting too many players but the idea of at least having professional dealers at the tables is comforting. A big part of a roulette croupier is working out the winnings so mental arithmetic is a requirement for croupiers in an actual casino but at the live casino option it is all done by the computer so there is no need to worry. The casino games which are played at the live casino options are limited and mostly comprise roulette and blackjack with occasional baccarat or Punto Banco as it is sometimes known and Casino Hold’em. Just very occasionally you can also find Red Dog or In Between as it is also known. Basically it is only those casino games that require a dealer so casino slots for example will not be there so stick to the original online casino for those. would quite like to see Craps at an online live casino and although it is customary for the players around the table to take turns throwing the dice it should be possible for the dealer to throw the dice which still does away with the RNG after all. Anybody who thinks that there is a skill in throwing dice to get the required number needs their head looking into.

As mentioned at the beginning lie casino is not proving as popular as the online casinos would have liked and as there is a cost to employing staff it could be the days of live casino are numbered. The minimum stakes required to play at the live casino are already higher than the minimum stake at the regular online casino although still not as high as many land based casinos and the maximum stakes are generally way above most people’s pockets running into the thousands of Euro per spin or per hand. If you have never tried the live casino option it is worth a try and generally you can get some sort of a bonus when you try for the first time. You can select your good looking dealer and even “chat” while you play which does add a little to the atmosphere but as people who regularly visit an actual casino will have noticed there are many players who simply mind their own business or if they are in a group only chat to members of that group thus ignoring everybody else at the table. Playing with a group of friends at the live casino option does nothing like that as you cannot chat with other players so maybe the regular online casino is good enough after all and simply trust that the online casino you have selected has a good RNG.