Casino and online casino list for Ireland

The best casino for one person need not be for somebody else

By mr-casino on 2017-02-04 15:27:10

One of the questions that is frequently discussed in Irish casino circles is which is the best casino and not surprisingly there is seldom a definitive answer as a factor that one person thinks is important is not necessarily important to somebody else. This is basically the reason that although suggests a top seven there are plenty of others to choose from on the site. The only common factor which most people agree on is that the online casino should be both legal and honest and that any personal information should be secure. By choosing any of the online casinos listed at Irish casino players can be sure that those three factors are in place. The licensing has been checked to make sure that it comes from a well regulated territory which is known in the online gambling industry and the casino software comes from a well known name. Some of the territories that are respected for licensing online casinos may be a surprise but they include places like Malta, Gibraltar or even the Isle of Man. This is  not an exhaustive list as there are others but beware those that claim to be licensed somewhere you have never heard of. The casino software is another issue and the best known names are Microgaming, Netent and Playtech although again there are others which although smaller might be perfectly secure.

There are large online casinos on the list at such as Paddy Power Casino which is listed high at number 4. This online casino has many casino games and is part of the Paddy Power conglomerate which certainly makes it a safe place to play but it is rather impersonal and whereas there are many special offers in the sports gambling section there are few for casino players apart from the joining bonus which is only for new registrations anyway. As previously stated some factors are appealing to some and not to others and being impersonal is one of those factors. Some folk are happy just being a number while others prefer to recognised. Having said that, the online casino does have an excellent range of casino games and uses recognised casino software. Registration is easy enough and there are several casino deposit methods available.

Number three on the list is No Bonus Casino which although an unusual name is trying to get a point across concerning casino bonuses. As was mentioned, Paddy Power Casino only offers a bonus to new players and it is not alone in doing that as there are plenty of other online casinos who do the same. The problem with this approach is not only that existing players get nothing but that the bonus money can be quite difficult to actually get your hands on due to the staking requirement that goes with it. For those new to online casinos the bonus money is placed in a bonus account rather than your playing account which means that although it is available to play the various casino games it cannot be withdrawn or transferred to your playing account before certain requirements have been met. These requirements are generally that the bonus amount and sometimes your deposit plus the bonus amount must be staked a number of times and that is not one or two times but more like 30 or 40 times before any transfer can take place. In addition it is not unusual for the online casino to stipulate that certain casino games such as roulette or blackjack which are considered low risk do not count towards the staking requirement or if they do then for a very small percentage. This is where No Bonus Casino comes in offering an ingenious alternative.

As you have probably already guessed does not offer a joining bonus or any other kind of bonus but what it does do is offer cash back if you lose. The workings are simple enough and state that if you make a deposit into your account on any given day and are unlucky enough to lose the whole deposit in the same day then 10% of that deposit will be refunded the very next day. You do not have to make a claim, the cash just appears in your account and unlike other bonus systems the cash is straight into your playing account so you can do what you like with it which includes withdrawing it if you so wish. This online casino has also gone one step further and has made the offer to all players on very deposit so not just for new registrations but for everybody all the time. The online casino itself is very good even without this sort of offer having a good selection of casino games predominately using NetEnt casino software and being registered in Malta.

Another online casino that catches the eye of and appears at number 2 on the list is which according to them is double the fun (a bit like New York, New York, so good they named it twice). At this online casino you will find slots that can only be found anywhere else with difficulty as it is borne out of the idea that there are many casino slots found in cabinet form at clubs and other places that are not available online.  The reason for this is that many of those slots are created by a company called Amatic Industries who until recently have had no apparent interest in the online casino market but now that has changed and has been created to bring these slots online. The name used is Amanet and you may well find the casino slots a little bit different from the run of the mill. There are very few online casinos that use Amanet games but is one. It is impossible to pick out any single casino slot as being the one to try but Grand Tiger™ seems t have lots of wilds and some very good winning chances.