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Neteller is a good online casino deposit option

By mr-casino on 2013-06-11 12:52:28

So called e-wallets which are specialized online money transfer companies are very popular for online transactions which includes online casinos and one of the better ones for Irish casino players is Neteller. There are several similar companies which have sprung up since internet shopping has taken off but Neteller was established in 1999 and now operates in over 150 countries and is regulated by the UK FSA (Financial Services Authority) and the company behind it is Optimal Payments™ Plc. E-wallets such as Neteller are basically online bank accounts which you can use for any kind of online transactions which includes making deposits or withdrawals into or from your online casino account. The advantage of using something like Neteller is that you are not disclosing your bank account details to a number of online companies and although is very careful to only recommend those online casinos that have very good encryption and security procedures it is always a good idea to take as much care as possible with online transactions. Considering also that many credit card companies make a charge for using the card to fund your online casino account as well as charging interest from the transaction date it is easy to see why Neteller or similar accounts are a good idea. Another point about Neteller which likes is the fact that you need to have the money in the account before you can use it. It is well known that online casinos can be addictive for the small minority and will always advise not to gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose but the worst thing is to play online casinos with money that you do not have and using Neteller resolves at least that issue.