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Online casino can be played with more than one player

By mr-casino on 2013-06-09 09:48:16

As a rule online casino players play alone but it doesn’t have to be that way as lots of fun can be had playing casino games together with friends or family. Unfortunately online casinos will only allow one player from one web address which makes some casino games more suitable than others for joint play but multi hand blackjack for example would allow each player to play their own hand although with a common bankroll you would need to keep check on who is winning what. Online roulette is even more difficult as all players would be playing with the same colour chips so controlling who wins what becomes very difficult but it would be possible to play alternate spins or even 5 or 10 spins per person and compare the balance at the start and end of the series. In a similar way each online casino player could play a different casino slot machine for a number of spins and again compare the balance at the start and end of each series of spins thus creating a little competition between players. With more than one player contributing to the pot it also makes your enjoyment much longer and it can be nearly as much fun watching somebody else win big as winning yourself.  Other online casino games such as online poker where decisions are governed by feeling are more difficult but having said that with two different players operating under the same player name it makes it very difficult for other players to anticipate what is going on. Playing at an online casino together with friends or family can be a lot of fun and an evening’s entertainment is just a click away. Online casinos are of course not the only online gambling fun as online sports gambling particularly horse racing creates a competitive atmosphere.