Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Neteller is one of the best known online casino deposit methods.

By mr-casino on 2010-10-05 11:14:47

Those of you who are new to the world of online casinos will be amazed at the number of options that you have to make a deposit into your online account and play your favourite table games but it has not always been the case and you will have probably noticed that if you are unfortunate enough to be a US citizen it is still impossible but luckily here in Ireland we are more fortunate and have to make a choice. Today we will focus on one of the best known e wallets known as Neteller. Because Neteller casino is so efficient, nearly all online casinos list it as a method for making immediately available deposits and they can’t all be wrong. Neteller is a specialist in online payment systems and is regulated by the UK Financial Services  Authority. You can fund your Neteller casino account using credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers etc and probably the biggest advantage of using Neteller is that you do not divulge your details to the online merchant whether that be your online casino or any other internet seller. Registering for an account at Neteller is simple and all you need after that is a user name and password. If you prefer to use a credit card to fund your Neteller account you may find that you need to go through an authorization procedure but even this is simple and for your own security. You can set up your Neteller casino account in a number of ways but the biggest choice to make is whether you need to keep money in your account before you can spend it or whether to give Neteller authority to make withdrawals from your bank account to make sure your account does not go negative. Whichever you choose you can be sure that Neteller is a secure and trusted method of making deposits into your online casino account..