Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Roulette is the most popular casino game.

By mr-casino on 2010-10-01 07:25:00

One of the true greats of casino games is Roulette and it is also probably the most popular. In casinos all over the world people are standing or sitting around the table to play roulette even when other card tables are empty and there has to be a reason for it. Online roulette is no different from the roulette played in casinos everywhere but there are two different versions that you can come across and there is an important difference. In casinos in the USA and often on board cruise ships you will find the American version which not only has a “zero” but also has a “double zero” whereas the French or European version has only the “zero”. You should avoid the US version if you can as the odds paid for a single number remain the same at 35:1 but with “00” in play there are now 38 numbers instead of the European 37 thus reducing your chances. Roulette online will also have the option of playing American roulette but our advice is not to. As for the game itself and why it is so popular, it is because it is so easy to play and requires no skill. All possible bets work out at the same odds at the end of the day so there is no skill in the way to place bets, it is pure luck. To explain that a little, a bet on red for example pays 1:1 so if you bet 18 chips on red and it came up you would win 18 chips and your stake remains so you have 36 chips after the play. If on the other hand you placed you 18 chips in singles on each of the 18 red numbers on the board and one of them came up you would lose you stake on the 17 incorrect numbers but would win at 35:1 for the winning number plus your stake of 1 chip so you end up with 36 chips; exactly the same as if you had bet on red. This same principle applies no matter how you place your bets so our roulette strategy is to spread your chips around on each spin and cross your fingers, it gives you as good a chance as any..