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New casino for the UK while Ireland still thinks about it

By mr-casino on 2016-05-18 14:47:55

A proposed new casino complex in Ireland has been in the general casino news for years but has never got past the planning stage so it is interesting to see the different approach being taken in Eastbourne in the UK. Eastbourne is a popular coastal holiday resort with a historical pier which is being refurbished and one of the proposals is to create a casino along with other attractions. The leader of the Council is reported in the casino news to be in favour and even the local MP has “cautiously welcomed” the idea although she still has many concerns about problem gambling and late opening hours but recognises the boost that it could provide to the local economy. This approach is so far removed from what Irish casino proposals have encountered despite there being another casino in fairly close proximity in Brighton. Online casinos are perfectly normal in both countries but again the UK has taken steps to make sure that there is an income derived from them whereas in Ireland there is merely talk. Any online casino operating in the UK has to have a separate license to do so and they have to submit data about UK players’ winnings and losses so that tax can be paid. This is regardless of where the online casino is based so even those online casinos which are located in Malta or Gibraltar which most of them are have to pay tax on UK players activities. Even Irish online casinos such as Paddy Power casino have to pay this levy for their UK customers. An individual has no liability for tax due to online casinos as winnings are completely tax free. The Chinese are also in the casino news again this time with a casino ship that takes people into international waters from Hong Kong for an overnight stay and gambling. More of that at a later date.