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No Bonus Casino is the answer to the casino bonus question

By mr-casino on 2019-06-22 09:07:11

Online casinos are always trying to attract new players in the same way that any online gambling company does but there is a difference in the way an online casino goes about it. In sports gambling new players are often given what is called a free bet to a certain value. This bet can be wagered on any sport but the original stake is never returned as would be the case on a normal bet. The only real problem with this is that it is a one off for new players and after that there are only promotions which come up from time to time. The online casino bonus is totally different in that the casino gives new players money according to the size of their first ever deposit into their account. This does of course mean that a new player has to make a deposit before receiving the bonus.

The most common amount of money is to match the size of the actual deposit so if the deposit was €100 then another €100 would be awarded. There are online casinos that will extend this to second or even third deposits but the match will not be 100%. It is more likely to be 50% or even less. A 50% match means that for a deposit of €100 only €50 will be awarded. This is all well and good but there are a couple of catches associated with it. The most important of these is that the casino bonus money is placed not a bonus account from which it cannot be immediately withdrawn. It is available to play any of the casino games but no proceeds can be taken from the account until certain requirements have been met.

Those requirements are generally that the casino bonus money must be staked at least 40 times but not all casino games will qualify. Casino slots will usually be qualifying games but roulette or blackjack will probably not be. Roulette and blackjack are considered by online casinos to be low risk games. This means they are games where the house margin is lower which is true. It also means that they are games where the player has the best chance of winning. There are online casinos that allow stakes on roulette or blackjack to count towards the staking requirement but at a lower rate. This rate could be as low as 10% or less.  This means staking 10 times the amount which would be needed on casino slots. To put it another way if the casino bonus was €100 then €4000 would need to be staked on slots but €40000 on roulette or blackjack.

The other real problem is that the offer is only open to new players but there is one very good exception and that is No Bonus casino. Listed as number three on recommend list has taken an entirely different approach to casino bonuses. The name suggests that they do not offer bonuses at all and that is true but instead you can get cash back if you lose. All a player needs to do become eligible for this cash back is make a deposit into their online casino account and play any of the casino games. If the player manages to lose all their deposit on the same day it was made then 10% will be refunded as cash back the next day. This might seem remarkable but the offer is genuine.

The cash back really is cash as well. There are no restrictions placed on that money. It is placed directly into the same playing account as your own deposit. There is n need to stake it a number of times before it can be withdrawn although you can of course use it to carry on playing. There are also no limitations placed on which casino games must be played to qualify. If you lose then you qualify, end of story. This promotion is also not exclusively for new players. Any registered member of the online casino can get cash back on any deposit they make. This has got to be better than a one off bonus that might be difficult to actually get hold of but players can make their own judgement.

No Bonus Casino has been offering this cash back for some time and has attracted many players, which is hardly surprising. It is also a very good online casino with a good selection of casino software which means hundreds of casino games to choose from. The casino is licensed and registered in Malta under the jurisdiction of the Malta Gaming Authority. This is one of the foremost centres for online gaming in Europe and where many top online casinos are based. The online casino also takes its responsibility towards problem and underage gambling very seriously. The casino is a supporter of Gamcare which is a leading provider of free advice and information to anyone affected by problem gambling.

To prevent underage gambling there are a number of checks carried out on new players which include presentation of documents. This may seem annoying to normal people but it is part of having a license in Malta and it helps prevent youngsters getting involved. There are always people on hand to help you through the process in a friendly way if you are having trouble You can contact them by online chat or e-mail. This is a fantastic online casino and the cash back offer cannot be matched anywhere that has found. In summary the decision about whether to accept a casino bonus or not is answered. Go to No Bonus Casino where there is no question of yes or no and where cash back is available to all. If ever there was a no brainer this could be it.