Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Plenty of choice when it comes to an online casino

By mr-casino on 2019-06-10 15:45:27

It is well known that Irish people love to have a little gamble so it really comes as no surprise that there is a great choice of online casinos available. Having a greater choice however is not always the answer as it can make life difficult in deciding where best to go. Fortunately help is at hand here at, not that the site would tell anybody where to go but it does recommend a few casinos that should suit most people. There are actually eight online casinos listed and you can be sure that when playing any of them you will be at a correctly licensed and run online casino. This is important as with any form of online activity there are always going to be rogue elements and you don’t need that at an online casino. The first clue is where the casino is registered and licensed. There are a number of places in Europe that are specialist areas for all forms of e-gaming which includes online casinos and the most well known are Malta and Gibraltar although other good areas include the Isle of Man and Alderney. If your chosen online casino is licensed in one of these territories you should be safe. All the online casinos on the site are licensed on one of those territories. Online casinos wishing to operate in the UK must have a license from the UK Gambling Commission in addition to the regular European license. Online casinos will state where they have licenses at the bottom of the home page and if they do not then take care. Online casinos that claim to be licensed only in some Eastern Europe country or somewhere in South America should be avoided.

The next clue is which casino software they are using although this is a little less clear cut as there are new casino software companies appearing a regular basis and many of them are perfectly good. There are large casino software companies and small ones. Some online casinos such as Paddy Power Casino prefer to use a single supplier which in that case is Playtech which is one of the larger ones. This will give them first crack at any new games which come along and probably enables them to get a better deal with the casino software company. Other online casinos use a combination of suppliers such as No Bonus Casino and the thinking there is that this gives a far greater choice of casino games. If it is choice you like then go to where they probably use more types of casino software than most. Aside from Playtech the big players are Microgaming, NetEnt, Amatic but there are plenty of smaller ones around. Small in the casino software business does not mean any less good, it is just a reflection of the number of games which are on offer. There is an unfortunate downside to having a UK license and that is that free play is no longer allowed. It used to be a very useful way of trying out new casino slots or table games without risking any real cash but unfortunately the UK Gambling commission considers offering free casino games encourages young players into gambling. This may of course be true but at the same time it is inconvenient for normal players. Today, therefore, you will need to open an account at an online casino and even make a deposit before you can try out new games.

This is very unfortunate for some online casinos such as No Bonus Casino who made a point of offering free casino games everywhere on the site but legislation is legislation and there is nothing they can do about it. The simple answer to all this is to select an online casino from the list at and know you will be safe. With them all being correctly licensed and run there need to be other considerations that will make you decide one way or the other and one of the most advertised method of attracting new players is to offer a bonus to them. The most common form of bonus at online casinos is what is called a deposit matching bonus whereby the casino says it will match the players first ever deposit into the casino Euro for Euro. THs means that if you deposit €100 then the online casino will give you another €100 to play the casino games but all is not quite as it seems. The €100 bonus money is not placed alongside your own money but rather in a separate account. T can be used to play any of the casino games but neither it nor any winnings resulting from it can be withdrawn until certain requirements have been met. These requirements are generally that the bonus money must be staked 40 times on certain casino games. Games such as Roulette or Blackjack are considered by the casinos to be low risk and therefore will not count towards to the staking requirement or if they do then for a far lower percentage such as 5% or 10%. This means that before you can withdraw your €100 bonus you must have staked €4000 on casino slots or if you play roulette or blackjack then €40,000 if it is 10% or €80,000 if it is 5%.

This is the more normal type of casino bonus which as you can imagine makes it very difficult to actually get your hands on any of the cash. There is a better alternative at No Bonus Casino where instead of any form of deposit matching bonus they give cash back if you lose. This might sound too good to be true but in actual fact it is very simple. If you make a deposit into your casino account today and manage to lose it all on the same day then 10% cash will be returned the very next day. There are no restrictions placed on the cash back money meaning that it become yours immediately to do with what you wish which includes withdrawing it but the really good thing is that this is not an exclusive offer for new players. Every player can make use of the offer on every deposit made into their online casino account.