Casino and online casino list for Ireland

No real land based casinos but plenty of choice for an online casino

By mr-casino on 2017-04-21 09:34:03

As mentioned just a couple of days ago there are no real Irish land casinos but this lack is made up by the abundance of online casinos which are accessible to Irish casino players. Some countries such as the Netherlands which is typical example have land based casinos but they are all called Holland Casino and they are all controlled by the Dutch Government so rather than ban casinos such as some countries they encourage them but take all the profits for themselves. There is even a Holland Casino at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Online casinos would of course be a competitor to these Government owned establishments so they try to stop these reaching the public although they are only partially successful. All of this is of course strictly not in accordance with EU law but some countries seem to carry on regardless. It is not only online casinos which are difficult to access in the Netherlands as even major names such as Ladbrokes cannot be accessed for online casino play or sports gambling. So there are no real Irish land casinos but there are certainly plenty of online casinos so Ireland is better off for online gambling than many other countries. How long it will be before the Irish Government realises how much tax income they are missing out on remains to be seen but in the meantime the online casinos is the answer which is more convenient anyway than having to dress up and go out.

There are so many online casinos available to the Irish public that following the advice of portals such as could be very helpful as they have looked at many of them and have created a shortlist for consideration. The final choice will of course be a question of personal preference but instead of trawling through tens and tens of online casinos, list just eight which they think should fit the requirements of most Irish people. The other advantage of following the advice of sites such as is that they know what to look for so when it comes to licensing they know which areas of Europe are known for best practise in casino licensing and which parts of the world are, shall we say, less reputable. Also when it comes to fair play there are certain bodies which check that random number generators are indeed random and of course there are certain things which should be done to ensure there is no underage gambling as well as trying to discourage problem gambling and offering help to those that have a problem such as offering various limitations or even total exclusion. By choosing one of the listed online casinos you can be sure that all these checks have been done.

Top of the list is an online casino which has been targeted at the Irish casino player and it is called All Irish Casino. Thos online casino has been in existence for a number of years and although possibly not the best known name in online casino circles it is gathering new players on a daily basis so they must be doing something right. The casino uses predominately casino software from NetEnt which is one of the better suppliers and has a great variety of casino games including some casino slots which are a little bit different such as Jack Hammer™ or Gonzo’s Quest™ to name just two. In the early years All Irish Casino carried only casino games from NetEnt but recognising the fact that there are Irish casino players who like to chase the huge jackpots they have now added those progressive jackpot slots from Microgaming to the line up. Next on the list is an interesting relatively new online casino called which is run by a company in Malta with years of online casino experience. This online casino was established together with a company called Amatic Industries. Amatic Industries has been in the casino slots business for a number of years but has specialised on the cabinet style machines that you would be able to find in Irish land casinos if there were any. They can of course be found in many places all over Europe. Those casino slots games are different from the regular online casino slots and can in fact be simpler and easier to follow which is an advantage for some. Those games which are loved by many were however not available online and so the creation of which brings them to the online world. The casino software is called Amanet which is a combination of internet and Amatic and they have created what could be considered to be a limited number of 18 more simple slots and 41 video slots. The casino which is “so good they named it twice” places great emphasis on fair play and straightforward language. Free play mode is the default so there is no need to make a deposit until you are ready to do so and withdrawing winnings is also simple. There is also a live casino option which is brought to you from the premises of an actual casino in Malta although of course not from the actual casino floor.

Third on the list is called No Bonus Casino and this is placed so high because it has recognised that giving a bonus to new players only does not reward loyalty and also that some of those bonuses can be really difficult to turn into real cash due to the restrictions and parameters placed upon them. No Bonus Casino takes a different approach entirely and instead of offering a bonus on a deposit offers 10% cash back if you lose your deposit in a single day. This cash back arrives the very next day and is not subject to any terms and conditions that prevent you doing what you want with it. If you want to carry on playing with the cash back then do so but if you want to withdraw it then that is also accomplished without question. What is more the offer is available to every online casino player on every deposit that they make into their online casino account.