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Table games or slots is your choice at an online casino

By mr-casino on 2017-04-05 08:11:03

Although many Irish casino players prefer to play casino slots at their favourite online casino there are many table games available too. The attraction of casino slots is of course the ability to win very large amounts of money with relatively little outlay or at least relatively small stakes. Table games on the other hand tend to require large stakes to win large amounts as there are no large odds. Perhaps the best odds on casino table games can be found at roulette where a winning single number pays at 35:1 but for many table games the odds are even money and even a blackjack only pays 3:2. In reality it is all about the chances of winning and table games at online casinos have a much greater chance of winning something than the chances of winning huge amounts at casino slots. Casino slots do however produce regular wins so it is certainly possible to make a profit without winning the jackpot but generally speaking the chances of winning at table games are better. Logically table games such as blackjack have the best chance of winning as there are only two hands dealt and your hand has a 50/50 chance of being better than the dealers but the house edge which is always present at any casino game including at online casinos is that as the player you play first and if you bust then you lose regardless of what happens or might have happened to the dealer. Put simply, the dealer may well have had a hand that needed a card to be drawn and it may well have taken the hand over 21 but you will never know as you are already out of the game. Watching what the dealer has as an exposed card and adjusting play accordingly can increase your chances. It can sometimes be worthwhile standing on something less than 17 in anticipation of the dealer busting. You can practice this style of play by playing free casino at online casinos such as All Irish Casino where free play is the default setting.

Even when playing roulette, one of the most popular table games at online casinos, you might think that by gambling on red or black then your chances are 50/50 but then you are forgetting the zero which is neither red nor black. This is the house edge and although small is enough to guarantee the online casino a profit over time. You may have noticed that American roulette has two zeros which is why advises Irish casino players to avoid it if they can. The double zero effectively doubles the chance of a zero coming up and of course all bets except those placed on the zeros loses. There are places such as car ferries or cruise ships where only American roulette is offered but online casinos generally give you the choice so it is a mystery to why anybody would choose to play it. Another of the table games which has a good chance of winning is Baccarat which is a much maligned card game associated for some strange reason with being a bit exotica and for high rollers only. Land based casinos have often promoted this myth by having a separate area for Baccarat where high rollers can play but online casinos have brought the game into perspective. As table games go, Baccarat is probably the most simple as there are only two hands dealt and there are only three possible bets which are for either hand to win or for the result to be a tie. This is also a casino game of pure luck as not only is there no strategy to be followed but you never actually get to touch the cards as the dealer plays both hands. This does sound strange but in fact the rules of Baccarat are such that there is no discretion for the dealer to use in deciding whether to draw a card to a hand or not. The other thing which puts some people off or even confuses them and stops them trying baccarat is the counting of the value of the hand. When somebody says that a seven and a six in a hand is worth three questions could be asked but in fact it is simple enough. It is not possible for a hand in Baccarat to have a value of more than nine so when a hand reaches more than that then 10 is deducted. In the above example six plus seven is thirteen so ten is deducted making three.

Another very popular table game at online casinos is Craps which can be found in every land based casino in the USA but not so much in Europe. Craps is of course a dice game which is associated with a lot of noise and excited people in a land based casino mainly because the tables are double ended which allows many people to stand around at the same time Craps tables at online casinos are single ended but all the same bets are available. Craps is also one of the more exciting table games as a single roll of the dice does not automatically reveal the winners and losers. If it doesn’t which is often the case there is an opportunity to place more different bets on the next roll. It can take several rolls of the dice thus adding to the suspense to finally settle the winners. Placing bets at Craps can be complicated but there are some simple bets which you can start with while you get to grips with the game. A simple read of the game instructions at an online casino site is enough to get you started.

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of those casino table games that you either love or hate. The very name poker is enough to put many Irish casino players off but unlike some other forms of poker you are not playing against other players but against the house and the only person who s able to raise the stakes is the player.