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Not all online casinos offer a casino bonus

By mr-casino on 2015-04-16 14:29:08

It seems that very online casino offers a bonus for new players but there are two which knows of that do not and for very good reasons. The bonus available at any online casino is always subject to restrictions before the money can be withdrawn in the form of cash and often these restrictions are so onerous that the chance of actually being able to get your hands on the cash is quite remote. The most general form of restriction is known as a play through requirement which must be fulfilled before the casino bonus can be converted from the bonus account to a players account and what this in effect means is that you have to wager the amount a number of times on certain casino games thus giving the online casino the chance to win it back. The other problem with this type of casino bonus is that it is a one off for new players only. The alternative is which as the name suggests does not offer a casino bonus to new players or existing players. Instead of a casino bonus no bonus casino offers cash back if you are unlucky enough to lose your whole deposit but the difference is that you can do what you like with the cash back which includes withdrawing it as cash. The other difference is that this offer is available to all players on every deposit which has got to be better than a one off casino bonus. Another alternative to the normal casino bonus can be found at and in this instance every deposit receives free spins on a number of different casino slots. There are play through requirements for any profits made during the free spins but these are not as onerous as many of the staking requirements for new player casino bonuses.