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Watch the dealer card in online casino blackjack

By mr-casino on 2015-04-12 13:21:45

Casino games come in all shapes and sizes and especially in the area of casino slots the choice seems endless but certain casino games stand the test of time and one of those is blackjack. Virtually every online casino player has at one time or another played blackjack which means that everybody knows how to play but there can be a slight misunderstanding about the object of the game. Some online casinos will state that the objective is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over 21 but others such as here at believe that the simple objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer and there is a difference between the two. The blackjack dealer really only has one advantage over the player and that is that the player plays first and if he busts then the game is over regardless of what the dealer has. It could well be that the dealer also might have gone over 21 but once you as the player are out of the game you lost your money. In online casino blackjack there is one of the dealers’ cards showing and this is your only clue to what might happen in the dealers’ hand. Every blackjack player knows that there are more ten value cards in the pack than any other value so the chances of drawing a ten are higher which means that on 15 or 16 your chances of going bust are quite high. Conversely if the dealer has 15 or 16 the chances of them going bust is quite high so it can pay to be still in the game at that point. Do not forget that every blackjack player still in the game wins when the dealer goes bust even if you only have a small number.