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Not all Visa casino deposits are equal

By mr-casino on 2014-09-14 17:12:46

The Irish casino site has often warned Irish casino players about the problems of making visa casino deposits but of course these warnings apply to visa credit card deposits rather than visa debit card deposits and although you may not think that this makes a great deal of difference when we are talking online casinos it does. The visa debit card deposit takes money from your bank account immediately and the cash is available in your online casino account and there are no further charges but, if it is an issue which for most Irish online casino players it is not, it is worth remembering that the bank then knows you have made an online casino deposit. With a visa credit card on the other hand although the money is available instantly in your online casino account there are charges and they are not insubstantial. To start with, any casino deposit made with a visa credit card is automatically subject to charges by your card issuer simple because it is gambling and if you have never heard of this then check the small print of your credit card terms and conditions and you may well find that charges apply. That however is not all as the online casino deposit will be treated as a cash withdrawal which is reasonable as it in effect is just that but that means that as with any cash withdrawal on your visa credit card interest will be charged from the day of the transaction and visa card interest rates are not the lowest around. In summary then if you want to make an online casino deposit using visa then make sure it is a debit card visa rather than a credit card visa and you will save yourself some money which is better used playing your favourite casino games.