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Not all casino deposit options are as good as each other

By mr-casino on 2018-02-11 10:12:41

Welcome to the pages where there is a lot for Irish casino players to learn about online casino gambling and judging by the fact that you have arrived at this particular page suggests that you have already decided to give online casinos a go. There is plenty of information about which of the many online casinos to choose and as long as your chosen online casino features somewhere on the recommended list on this site you will not go far wrong but having made your choice of casino there is one more choice for you to make which may affect your enjoyment and that is which of the many casino deposit options you should use to fund your entertainment. This may not seem important as all you really want is immediate transfer of funds so that you can play the casino games straightaway which actually nearly every deposit method does but different casino deposit options incur a different set of charges. These charges might seem small but remember that the margins on some casino games are also small so a 2% charge for example is close to the margin on a casino game such as roulette so by incurring the charge you could be halving your chances of turning a profit. This is of course simply an example but is intended to demonstrate that choosing the right online casino deposit option is important.

The most obvious method and the one often used for other forms of internet shopping is simply to reach for the credit card. Making an online casino deposit is in many ways just another form of internet shopping but for a credit card company it is very different. For no apparent logical reason credit card companies consider online casinos an evil so whereas online shopping incurs no charges to the user when using a credit card, making a deposit into your online casino account does. These charges are hidden in the small print of your credit card agreement and can be anything up to 2% of the transaction putting you at a disadvantage straightaway. The advice is to read the terms and conditions of your credit card before using it as a casino deposit option. It may be an acceptable charge to you and it may not be but at least knowing about it allows you to make the choice.  Unfortunately that is not the end of the story when it comes to making deposits into your online casino account using a credit card. As previously mentioned, one of the requirements of any of the casino deposit options is that the cash is available immediately but for a credit card this brings extra complications as it is now considered a cash transaction in the same way as using a credit card at an ATM would be. If you have never done this, and to be fair most people have not as they use a debit card for ATMs, you may be surprised to learn that interest is charged from the day of the transaction at the exorbitant rates of all credit cards. It makes no difference if you are one of the good guys who pays off their credit card bill every month, you will still be subject to the charge. So there you have it, simply using a credit card for your online casino deposit incurs two sets of charges so why use it when there are other casino deposit options available.

One way to avoid both these sets of charges is simply to use a debit card instead. A debit card is a cash transaction anyway and the banks make no extra charge for online gambling so all the deposited money is available to play any of the casino games. A possible disadvantage could be that the online casino has a record of your bank details. For any of the online casinos recommended on this site this is not an issue as a good encryption system is part of the requirement to be listed but if you venture off on your own it could be worth considering.  None of the online casinos listed would ever offer your details to a third party but any online site could of course be subject to hacking attempts but funnily enough because online casinos are an obvious target for hackers to make money by trying to affect the results they have some of the best encryption systems around. It all depends on how relaxed you feel about the issue. If you a believer in as few people as possible knowing your account details then there is the option of using one of the many e-wallets.

E-wallets are an invention brought about by the internet age and probably started with the online marketplace eBay with PayPal becoming one of the first if not the first of the e-wallets. The principle behind these wallets is that you keep money in your wallet or alternatively give the e-wallet access to your bank account and from there you can pay any online business without them knowing any of your bank details. All you need is your account number and password of your e-wallet account. This means that you can deal with multiple online purchases but only the e-wallet company knows your bank account details. If you are sensitive to people knowing your details then an e-wallet is an option but it comes at a cost. Again this may not be much but your wallet terms and conditions will specify what it is. If you do not already have n e-wallet there are plenty to choose from and opening an account could not be easier but make sure that you choose one that is listed as an option on your chosen online casino as not all online casinos accept all e-wallets. All online casinos do however offer a real choice of casino deposit options and there can be no recommendation to suit all users but hopefully these few paragraphs will help the understanding and enable an individual decision to be made.