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Not every casino bonus is the same so look around

By mr-casino on 2017-05-19 16:42:44

Online gambling sites are always trying to attract new players by offering free bets in sports gambling or a casino bonus when it comes to online casinos but Irish casino players can feel hard done by when the casino bonus does not turn out to be what was expected. The expectation is often driven by the offer of a large amount of money matched to a first deposit into the online casino but a read of the terms and conditions of these offers reveals how difficult it can sometimes be to actually get your hands on that money. It is true that online casinos offer a match of your first and sometimes even second and third deposits with the first deposit attracting a 100% match and subsequent deposits attracting a lower percentage. The catch however is that this money is not placed in your regular account but in a so called bonus account from where it is not possible to be withdrawn. Only when the casino bonus money is transferred into your regular account can winnings be withdrawn and to do that requires some serious betting. To put this into context, it is not unusual to have to stakes the casino bonus 40 times before any transfer can take place. This means that if you deposit €100 then €100 will be placed into your bonus account but you need to stake €4000 before any winnings can be transferred. Not all casino games count towards that staking requirement so low margin casino games such as Roulette or Blackjack will often count for considerable less than 100% or sometimes not at all. If roulette counts for 10% for example then you will need to stake €40000 on roulette before winnings can retrieved and all this for the sake of €100.

Irish casino players will sometimes see a play through figure of 20 times instead of 40 times but this almost certainly applies to the bonus plus your deposit and if the bonus is a 100% match it does not take a genius to work out that these offers are identical. is not suggesting that online casino bonuses are worthless as you get to have twice the fun than you otherwise would be able to but the secret is to realise that your chances of actually getting your hands on any of that bonus in cash form is quite remote. The other drawback to this kind of bonus is that it is a one off for new players only so that once you have created an account and played the bonus you are on your own. It is therefore possibly better to look around for better alternatives. All Irish Casino for example has a joining bonus but also has regular deposit matching offers for existing players which are generally on a Wednesday. These offers will be e-mailed to you once you have registered for an account and made a first deposit. This does at least reward loyalty a little bit and as All Irish Casino has a great range of casino games from Casino software suppliers such as Microgaming and NetEnt it would seem to be a better option than a one off casino bonus.

Another interesting form of casino bonus can be found at Freespins Casino. This online casino which also has a great range of casino games and is licensed correctly by the Malta Gaming Authority offers free spins on a selection of casino slots for every deposit made. Yes, that is correct, for every deposit made for every player which automatically makes it a better deal than a one off bonus. The actual number of free spins which are awarded depends on the size of your deposit and which of the casino slots you choose to play the free spins at. After exhausting your free spins you will very probably be showing a profit but reasonable enough this profit cannot be transferred into your playing account and be withdrawn until certain requirements have been met and in the case of freespins casino you are required to stake the winnings 50 times. If after that you are still showing a profit then transfer can take place. Te online casino clearly has a good chance of winning the cash back but in the meantime you have had a lot of fun and at the end of the day it has cost nothing. Note also that the wagering requirements must be completed within two days otherwise e the winnings will be forfeited. If all this sound s complicated there is yet another alternative that is much easier and that can be found at No Bonus Casino. operates a very simple system which as you might guess from the name is not a casino bonus as such but instead is a cash back offer. believes that this is the only online casino that offers to refund part of any losses you might incur. The process is simple enough and states that if you make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day and play any of the available casino games and happen to lose all of your deposit on that day then 10% of your losses will be refunded as cash the very next day. It is important to note that this refund is as cash directly into your playing account which means that you can do with it as you please which includes taking it out again. This is also not an offer for new players only as it is available to every player every day on every deposit. Of all the casino bonuses on offer this has got to be one of the most interesting. There are some terms and conditions attached so it is best to read the terms and conditions to avoid disappointment but cash back is cash back in anybody’s language.

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